Non praticing catholic,


I met this nice young man who is no longer a practicing catholic, and he is interested in me. I want first of all to be a good friend to him and try to lead him back to the faith. How do I go about doing that without blowing him off? Or making him not want to be catholic?

Thanks for any help,



First, try and find some interests you have in common other then religion. Do not try and hide your faith but it doesn’t have to be the center of your conversations.


I think you, being yourself, will be the greatest testamony to the wonders of our Faith. If he is interested in you then he will want to get to know you and your family better. You can rest easy in the knowledge that to you know and your family means he will be re-introduced to the Catholic Faith.


Be for him a source of joy, enthusiasm, honesty, peace, self-confidence, kindness, responsibility, friendship and loyalty. As he grows to admire your virtues he will quickly realize the basis of your fine character, and want to be part of that which he admires.


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