Non sacramental marriage


if a catholic marries an unbaptized person in a valid non sacramental marriage, does the couple still have to follow nfp? what goes on during the marriage preparation for the unbaptized person? all i can find online is that the catholic has to promise to to their best to raise the children catholic and get a dispensation.


A Catholic is bound to follow all the laws of the Church and natural law, whether in a sacramental or non-sacramental marriage. The preparation is the same, since it’s often done in a group setting.

What you found online is correct. To marry a non-baptized person the Catholic needs a dispensation from his/her bishop for ‘disparity of cult’. The promise regarding children is the same whether the Catholic marries a baptized non-Catholic or a non-baptized person.


I find this an odd question.

A couple is never requied to “follow NFP”. NFP is information that can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy, spacing children. One is never obligated to do so. One may always engage in marital relations whenever one desires to do so.

What a person may never do is contracept. This has nothing to do with whether or not a person enters into a sacramental or natural marriage, and I am not sure what makes you think it would. Contraception is an intrinsic evil, it is never moral.

Marital preparation programs are under the jurisdiction of the local bishop, so how they are completed varies. The minimum contents of such a process would be catechesis on the nature and obligations of marriage, the responsibilities of the couple towards children, and the premarital investigation to ensure freedom to marry and that both parties understand the essential properties of marriage.

So, I am not understanding the genesis of your question about “having to follow NFP”.


Contraceptives are taught to be immoral for everyone, including unbaptized persons.

Technically, you do have to observe Natural Family Planning; you could simply trust God and accept any and all children sent your way. NFP requires a very different mindset than contraceptive…


Please note the following correction:

“Technically, you do NOT have to observe Natural Family Planning; …”

My apologies for the typo.


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