Why do just groups as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, JW, and United Pentacostels not beleive in the Trinity? What is the Reasoning behind their deceision?

Grace and Peace Toten,

Although each group doesn’t hold to the Doctrine of the Trinity they don’t actually agree with one another so I’m not sure we can give a blanket explanation as to why the each hold to their own opinions regarding the Godhead or lack there of.

Note I am going to be speaking in neo-platonist terms below:

I’m starting to feel like a broken record with all this topics regarding the Doctrine of the Trinity. In my humble opinion, the chief reason most individuals and groups disagree with the Doctrine of the Trinity is because they lack the ability to understand it in it’s original conception (i.e. within a neo-platonist worldview). It is ‘one’ expression of the divine made sacrosanct by the Council of Nicea due largely because it brought the first two emanations of the One (i.e. Father) into what was dubbed the “Divine Essence” or “Godhead” in order to secure the equality and divinity of the Nous (i.e. Logos; Son of God) and the World-Soul (i.e. Holy Spirit) regardless of the lack of immutablitiy (i.e. regeneration and procession from the Father).

This inclusion of the Nous and World-Soul into the One Divine Unity was a major departure from the simplicity of the One (i.e. Father) and created fractures throughout Christendom, Judaism and Islam which we are still grappling with today.

It’s a very big discussion which really needs renewed dialogue and study before it can be understood with proper depths. To take it for granted that the doctrine just ‘is’ fails to do justice to history and the responsibility we own to those who can’t accept the teaching.


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