non usual RCIA

I have a friend who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has to be in bed by 5PM.
Her husband works late into the night. there is also a 15 year old son who wants reception as well.
She says neither can make it to evening classes.

She is a long time believer, (Evangelical) and has wanted to swim the Tiber for many years now. But she and her husband just can’t make it to the classes.

I suggested that she talk with the priest to see if they could get “home schooled”.
Does anyone know of this happening, and if not, what can she do.
She’s been wanting this for years and today she says 2014 is the year she is going to make it happen. They live very close (walking distance) to a large parish with a very active school and all.

I don’t live in the same town with her, and I said she needed to speak to a priest. She asked me if I would go with her, and I said sure, but I’m only there for a few days here and there for visits.Other than that I don’t think there’s not much I can do.
Any ideas???

I would think that under the circumstances the priest would be willing to meet with her and her son personally. This is the “old” method and is still used in some cases.


What a wonderful opportunity for a retired person who knows his Faith and can spend time journeying with this family. There must be someone (perhaps some one who has taught catechism for years and is faithful to the teachings of the Church that the priest knows and trusts?)

So difficult to determine. I pray that this does happen.

Certainly the priest can work things out with them in some way or another.

My mother-in-law was received into the Church at the age of 85. She had several different health problems and was not able to be awake for the evening RCIA, either. So we met with the priest long enough for him to determine she was, indeed, ready. We also set up a time just before a noon daily Mass for her to be received into the Church, because Easter Vigil wasn’t really a possibility, either.

I suspect, as far as you also meeting with the priest, going the first time will be a huge help to her.

Oh, and…welcome her home from us! :slight_smile:

I told her I thought that something could be worked out.
She’s been talking and reading and trying for this for ages! She’s a lot smarter than me, and reads a lot on church things. She will not be a shallow Catholic. Her husband and son are deep thinkers too. Reception into the True Church would make her so very happy

I’m going to give whatever help I can. Please pray that this is the year they jump in!

This makes me smile! I will pray. Something can definitely be worked out.

In expressing her and her son’s deep desire to become Catholic to the priest, all should be worked out.

Where there is a Will there is a Way …

Of course the parish can work with them … also - many parishes offer RCIA during the day - so there may be an opportunity to join another nearby parish that has this option … and thus they can walk the journey with others …

Plus - they may not be the only ones with scheduling issues … many parishes will offer instruction alternatives where instead of one large group - two smaller groups meet - one in the evenings and one on a weekday or a weekend …

Thanks for assisting this family on their walk of faith :thumbsup: they may feel too unsure to ask for accommodation - your efforts on their behalf is wonderful :wink:

I certainly hope it will work out for them. This year I was asked to lead a special RCIA session on Friday morning for three young people who work night shift and could not attend evening session. It works out very well so far. This is the first time our parish offers a day time RCIA. When a need comes up, the workers of the vine yard do their best to satisfy it.

I’m in the same boat because we have to be at home for evening chores and our son’s bedtime for school the next day.

I go to a different meeting once per week during the day (apologetics). I also have the study book, the Catechism, and a bible to work on my own and bring questions to the RCIA leader when I have them. My husband will be starting a bit later than me but we talk about the lessons together and we are dismissed on Sundays during mass to discuss the readings with the other RCIA members.

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