Nonexistance preferable than hell?

Is nonexistance preferable then hell?
If yes, why God not (want) allow this people to | and stop their existance than suffer forever?

Existence is something that is intrinsically good, so God will not cause something that exists to cease to exist. That would be going against goodness, and God can’t do that. God is also the source of all being. It is incorrect to say that God is “a being.” Rather, God is being. God is being itself. So, when we think of that, how could the source of all being cause something to not be? Sounds contradictory.

As human persons who have had absolutely zero experience with non-existence, I don’t think we could possibly say whether non-existence is preferable to hell or not. All we can say is that existence is intrinsically good, therefore God will not cause the cessation of existence of something.


Apparently, the creative God is not into making nothing.

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This guy truly suffered and wanted nonexistence -
Asked the same questions…

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No, he wanted to hide in the netherworld until the Resurrection of the Dead. He knew that the righteous dead were at peace, and that God would vindicate him, even though he didn’t understand why all these terrible things were happening to him.

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