Nook and Kindle

Am thinking about getting one this fall. As a Language Arts teacher, I think it will be easier to keep up w/ what “popular” books my students are reading.

What do you have? Why do you like it?

I have a Nook. It’s good. I’m just not used to it. I prefer the feel of a book. It’s just more intimate for me.

I don’t have either, but here is a good video from one of my fav review sites that compares the two. It is bout 6 months old, so a bit has changed, but it will give you a good idea of the differences.

I love my Kindle! Getting new books is so easy, and the Amazon site is great. I would definitely recommend it.

I have a nook that was given to me last Christmas. I love it but haven’t had the time this year or resources to buy many books for it. Someone was nice enough to put on a bunch for me. I need to figure out how to get ebooks from the library and download them.

I also love my Kindle DX.

I like the low cost of the books on Amazon. The availability and selection is sometimes not as 100% as I would wish, but it has become my preferred method of reading especially over heavy hardcover books.

I am grateful that Kindle can read PDF files on the Kindle because I sometime have to convert e-books I have in a secure or other format into PDF before I can read them on the Kindle, but it works (not for piracy). With the Kindle DX all I have to do is email the PDF to my email address and it downloads to the reader.

I have tried many e-book devices from Palm, PDA’s, and dedicated readers like eBookwise and the inconvenience always lost me, but not Kindle. I think they finally got it right with the Kindle:)


After reading these and other comments, I’m leaning towards a Kindle.

My husband won an ipad in a $5 raffle. He loves it and thinks I should get one. Aside from the price, I fear I would be so distracted by all the other things it does, I’d never get around to reading books. :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem with the iPad e-reader is the backlight. My eyes would get tired easily.

If I may add, I find the Nook more aesthetically pleasing.

I just bought a Kindle a couple of weeks ago and like it, although not quite as much as I thought I would.

You do have to have a room light on to read it (i.e.,no reading in the dark).

Not every book is available for Kindle – although zillions are available, many popular ones, and many new ones, are not.

I don’t tend to read as long at one time as I do with a book, and I’m not sure why – the screen is small so you “turn more pages” than with a book (it’s one-sided, not double, as is a book) so it is therefore a bit more interactive – not quite as relaxing, in other words.

It’s WAY TOO EASY to buy books from Amazon…they range from free to about $15, but it’s literally a couple of clicks and you have your book. (Download is VERY fast…I got the whole Ignatius Bible in under 40 seconds.)

If you are a regular library patron, you’ll be spending $$ that you haven’t spent before.

The books are not transferrable to another Kindle (unless registered on your Kindle account), so while you may have not spent the full price for a new book, unless you re-read it, there’s no “book afterlife.”

It’s GREAT to travel with. You can also listen to (specifically formatted) audio books on it and play MP3 music files – but if you already have an MP3 player, it’s redundant.

It’s very easy to use, very intuitive and I’m happy I made the purchase – but it’s more of “in addition to books” rather than “instead of books.”

Kindle is much more popular than Nook, and I doubt Nook will be around long-term. Kindle will probably push it out of the market eventually.

@Charlotte1776: I would not say that Kindle would push Nook out of the market. The university I will be going to this coming winter is going ebook on students and recommending to download Nook on PC and Mac which has not only all ebooks for colleges, but even a way of getting a hold of your professor and even getting their notes online.

I have kindle for the PC and I love it, I am one that would rather have my books in my hand, but conivence is nice, of course I will be getting also Nook, which means I will be busy all the time with two ebook systems.

God Bless and in Christ,

I bought a Nook in March and I love it. The portability is my favorite feature because living in an apartment I was running out of room for my book collection! I debated myself between Nook and Kindle for several months. Here are my three reasons for going with a Nook:

  1. Book format: With Kindle you can only buy books from Amazon. With my Nook I can rent books from the library in ebook format and get them from suppliers other than B&N if I chose.

  2. Ability to read in-store and other in store features: You can read the books in store for 1 hr so this was a nice feature for me in that I could preview my books before I bought them. Yes I know you could argue you can just pick up the hard copy of the book and preview whether you like it that way as well. I’ve gotten free chocolate just by showing my Nook at the cafe, % off accessories, and other perks when I go into B&N stores. I also like being able to talk with someone directly at the store should I ever have problems.

  3. External battery and adding memory: With Kindle the battery is physically implanted into the device so you cannot change it out. If your battery dies you have to replace the entire Kindle. With the Nook it can be replaced without changing your system. You can also add more memory if you need it…but one Nook will store hundreds of books so I doubt I’ll be doing that any time soon! :slight_smile:

Books can range between $10-15 which is not bad for me. I mainly don’t like that with the Kindle you can only get books from Amazon or read PDFs. Maybe I read the information wrong when I was originally researching both devices so if it different let me know! :wink:

Skip both of them - get yourself one of these and download the Kindle & Nook apps. Then you’ve got the best of both worlds on one device. :thumbsup:

I just received a Kindle for my birthday and I LOVE it!!!

Amazon has hundreds of FREE books for the Kindle too. Mostly Classics; stuff in Public Domain. They also have a huge number of books ranging from .99 to 2.50. So you could build your library with little to no money.

And as another poster said its easier on the eyes than the iPad.

Kindle was shipped over the weekend. Can’t wait to get it. :thumbsup:

Maybe we could have a forum for Nook vs Kindle vs other technology and thus have even more ways to argue on CAF…

JUST kidding…:smiley:

enjoy your Kindle – I’m enjoying mine more as I read more with it… it’s also fun to be involved in six books at once without getting lost under the weight of pages.

I’m old school. I’ll stick to regular books! I already have a library of about 700 books. I’m not about to change them.

I am so enamored with electronic books I’ll go one further. I would love to invent a service or see someone more enterprising than me invent a service that would buy my paper books–including my hardback collectibles–for cash, scan them and send me a digital copy. :newidea:

Received it on Thursday. I downloaded lots of free classics (Austen, Yonge, Poe, Chesterton, Aquinas, Alighieri) and paid for My Life in France by Julia Child.

Loving it so far!!

I am enjoying mine a lot. I use it for prayer. I took it on retreat this weekend. I was able to read the bible say my prayers and read “story of a Soul”

Sometimes when I read a book I get tired of it. With the kindle I can switch to another one. I know I am really going to like it next time I fly. I won’t have to fill my carry on with books.

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