Nook and Kindle

I’m flying from Baltimore to Seattle in less than 2 weeks. I got the Kindle partly as an early b-day present so I’d have it for my trip. :thumbsup:

just as I suspected, I borrowed kindle from a friend yesterday, and I can’t read it. The large type edition would weigh about 10 lbs and be too big to hold comfortably. I just hooked up a regular monitor to my laptop for the same reason, which defeats the whole purpose. you kids enjoy your technology, not for us geezers

I loved the concept of the mp3 and have a lot of great music there, but have never found earphones or buds that fit comfortably for more than a few minutes, I just cannot tolerate the feeling of something against my ears, never could.

Love being 48 and called a kid. Thanks :thumbsup:

I am hoping to get my mom (almost 80) into the idea. She’s not big on technology, but there will come a day when she can’t make weekly trips to the library and might enjoy having hundreds of books at her finger tips. It’s very simple to use.

She’s going w/ me to Seattle and I’m thinking I can hand her the Kindle on the plane and say, “read this page” or “what do you think of this?”. We’ll see . . . :cool:

I have had my Kindle for six months and I love it! I have about 50 books loaded on it and as I tend to read more than one book at a time it is very easy to switch back and forth between books. I like that it remembers what page I was on so I can pick up where I left off and I can arrange the books in categories. I have been pleased with the books Amazon offers.

That said, I do still buy hard copy books, particularly non-fiction that I want to keep.

You know that you can adjust the font size of whatever you’re reading, right?

I’m getting a Nook for Christmas (probably just in time for the Nook 2 to be released:rolleyes:) and I can’t wait. I’m also a LA teacher, and I’ve found that I have acquired WAY too many books. I disagree with a PP that said Kindle will push Nook out of the market. Barnes & Noble is too popular and there are several features that the Nook has that Kindle doesn’t (reading in-store for free, a small touch screen, etc.). And I still have to agree with my hubby that “kindle” just sounds too much like firewood. :slight_smile:

I bought a kindle two weeks ago and I love it. I love the feeling of just being able to carry around this tiny device and have tons of books on it. Amazon has TONS of free books available composed of mainly classic novels and other books. I got the summa theologica for like $4 when buying a 5 volume paperback set would be over $100. Its really the perfect device if you are in school and need something easy to carry around that has necessary books on it. With that said it does not possess the priceless qualities of a book such as that distinct new book smell and we all know everyone loves to flip the pages which the kindle obviously does not have, but its still a great buy and worth every cent in my opinion if you know you will use it.

DH bought a nook for me for my birthday in July and I love it! I like to read more than one book at a time and this is a very easy way to carry everything around. It is great to have in my purse for those times you find you have to wait - doctor’s office, a train, etc. I had a shoulder replacement done one Sept 30th and the nook is much easier to read than a book since I only have one arm. :thumbsup:

i’m actually trying to decide if I want one of these. i am running out of bookshelf space and some of my books I have on the shelves are out of print so I am not selling them (no way no how). There are a handful of upcoming books I am considering buying in ebook format instead of hardcover when they are released. I checked out a working demo model of the Kindle briefly when I stopped at Staples on Sunday and when I was at a different Target in town yesterday and several months ago I looked at a Nook.

My mom doesn’t think I should spend the (I may have my dad buy me a kindle through my amazon affiliate link so I can earn :wink: ), but I think it’d be worth it in the long run especially if I ever fly for vacation and want to bring a book or two along…

I’d still read books in regular format, though. I will always do that.

B&N - i’ve downloaded a lot of the free classics they offered like Uncle Tom’s cabin and Tales of sleepy hollow.

Kindle I have purchased ONE ebook and that’s cause it was cheaper than the paperback would have been.

Wish me luck…just wish Kindle was in color cause I do like viewing the covers of the books in COLOR.

Eventually I’d like to see more devices that are not associated with any book chain. I mean you don’t have to sign up specifically w/ iTunes sore or Sony to buy music. iPods don’t just play .aac and refuse .mp3 which is what the Kindle does.

There is a cheap one called the Libre that comes w/4gig memory card and do more formats than nook, Sony, Amazon & the other biggies. But it has a small screen and looks ugly.
I’m sure more/better devices will be coming. I’d also like to see more books marketed outside the chains, or better yet a consolidated search that will find what you look on Amazon, B&N, Border and whoever.

These are exactly the kind of electronic gizmos that Captain America would lose somewhere, here and there, in the course of his very active day.

Much prefer the hard feel of an honest to God book! :slight_smile: Good luck with the gizmos!

I have a nook which I like a lot for reasons that many here have given.

However, I find that lately I use more often the (free) nook app on my Droid phone to access my library. The backlighting on the phone is great for bedtime reading and it’s smaller and more portable (and is also a phone, a camera, a facebook link, etc.)

The e-paper and ink of the actual nook is better for daytime/sun reading. And also the actual nook is much better at shopping for/downloading new books. (But a PC is better still!)

A big plus of the smartphone app is that at the same time my dh, my ds and I can all be reading 3 different books from the same account using 3 different devices (1 nook and 2 Droids).

Today, B&N came out with a new kind of nook which seems to be a lot like an ipad. I would check that out too before purchasing. This new nook is backlit which can be tiring on the eyes and bad in the sun.

I too need reading glasses (+2.0) but can read the nook and the nook app on my phone w/o glasses when set to the largest font.

BTW, I also have the free Kindle app on my phone now too but haven’t used it as much since I only have two free books on the account right now.

Can you convert and upload PDF’s(which may or may not be from Amazon) from your computer to your Kindle? Or can you only get books from Amazon only?

You can downoad .pdfs directly from your computer to your Kindle. With the .pdfs the ability to change text size is a bit limited, and you cannot highlight text. It works ok.

For everyone who plans to use Kindle or Nook on airplanes, remember you have to turn it off during takeoff and landing. I found that annoying the one time I flew with my Kindle, but it was still better than lugging a bunch of books with me.

Do you have to turn off the Kindle completely, or do you simply have to turn off the Whispernet connection? If Whispernet is off, I don’t see why you’d have to turn off your Kindle. How would that interfere with the airplane’s instrumentation, if the Kindle is not sending or receiving information?

I have have had a Kindle for over a year and love it. I a couple cases, although I had a copy of the book on paper, I bought the Kindle version so I could read it there. My version is old and have a dictionary in it. When I put the courser in from of the word it links to the dictionary and shows an abbreviated definition at the bottom of the screen - hitting the enter link gets me to a complete definition.

The only thing I dislike is that sometimes I lose my place and have to stumble around to get back to where I was. It keeps the “last page read”, but somehow I fool it without realizing what I’ve done. It’s still much better than paper.

With respect to not being back lit, I’ve been reading this lap top screen for about an hour and my eyes feel like they have sand in them. I can read the Kindle as long as I want without a problem.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much I liked it! :slight_smile:

How is the access to public library books on the Kindle and Nook?

If I buy either one I would never purchase a book on them so it would just come down to how easy it is to get library books.

I flew United Airlines and the pilot said that if it was electronic and had an on/off button it had to be turned off during takeoff and landing. He specifically included e-readers in his announcement.

I agree with you, it sounds silly, but from the airlines’ point of view it is better to have a blanket policy on it rather than expect people to abide by any sort of “honor” system.

Still loving my Kindle.

Took it to Seattle and back; I read and played word games on the flight and while at my DIL’s.

My mom asked questions about it, then said, “Don’t get me one for Christmas.”

On the return trip, mom wanted to swap a book from her suitcase to her purse. I smiled and said, “I have 200 books in my purse.” :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad was always a book nut and recently he bought a Kindle (which shocked me), but he seems to really enjoy it. He only uses the free books for now (older classics and such), but really likes that he can take it on vacations easily. He said he ran out of room for books so that was his only option! ha.

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