NookColor Apps!

Nook finally has apps! :extrahappy:

That being said hubby and I have found the wonders of Angry Birds. We literally spent 3 hours on it last night (who knew little birds destroying buildings and pigs could be so entertaining?) and we still have a ton of levels to go. We have no life it's all good plus it beat watching a pointless movie or a Barbara Walter's special on the royal wedding (way too much coverage on this thing)! :D

Those of you with Nook have you found any apps you really like? The only religious one I found was a general "inspirational" app so I didn't get it. I'd love it if they got apps similar to those available to iPad users like for the rosary or readings!

I still need to dowload the update for my nook. I was waiting for it to download automaticaly, but it hasn’t yet.
I want to check out the goodreads app. I’m a member of the gooreads website, so I’m curious about seeing what the app it.

Just visited the Universalis (Divine Hours) web page and you can build your own e-book with their content for your Nook!

Diffinitely need more Catholic Apps though


I know some of you may not agree with me, but taking what the Holy Father asked us to do I began using my smartphone for reading the Divine Office whenever I get the chance. In fact, sometimes I remember to grab my breviery, but not always and just because I forgot to pick it up or thought to leave it for convenience isn't a reason should have to justify doing something we ought to do if we can.

Well, I was publically embarrassed during mass about a month ago because I was reading the LOTH on my smartphone. Father was standing there from the moment I opened it and began reading. I didn't think anything of it and then he accosted me on it and frankly, I was appalled at his lack of charity in how he spoke to me. Many of my priest friends and fellow diaconate candidates are utilizing this technology. I confronted him about it and his excuse for it was pretty lame and he did admit that he has a problem with technology. I said that that's his problem and maybe he needs to reconsider after contemplating the Holy Father encouraging us to use technology for good. Worrying about some teenager in the crowd that might be texting is irrelivant. I can make many crazy accusation about the half dressed women that show up at mass that would scandalize various categories of people all because I allowed my creative thinking to run wild. Considering I'm half a century old now, with 3 children and all, texting in worship never crossed my mind. I keep my phone permanently on silence so I don't forget. Forgetting seems to be a more common occurrence in my life now and the smartphone helped me get organized. It doesn't come cheap either and now that I've invested in a proven method that actually works for me and my family, I refuse to stop using it on the grounds that the Holy Father is asking us to use Technology for evangelicalism and the fact that my pastor apologized for the associate pastors rudeness.

So, I think I'm gong to get a couple of these and tape them together to make it look like a book or cut an actual book's pages enough to fit my iPhone in it during mass. ...Just for Fun.


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