Norm for receiving communion around the world?


I was just wondering what are the norms for receiving communion around the world? I know in the U.S we can stand or kneel, on the tongue or hand. Is this the same as other places around the world? Are there still places where kneeling and on the tongue are the norm?


I have been in many churches and cathedrals around the world and my impression is generally we are all the same as here, standing and receiving in our hands for the most part. People do dress much more appropriately, however, I have never seen anyone attend Mass in shorts but they do here.


The norm is to recieve kneeling on the tongue. The US and some other countries have indults allowing reception in the hand, while standing or both.


Freudian slip, or did you mean indults? :wink:




I’ve recently been to France and Portugal. In both places, people received much as we do here, some on the tongue, some in the hand. The great difference appears to be the Chalice which is not offered (at least not at Notre Dame Cathedral), not that I saw anyway while attending a high Mass with the regular population (not the priest that accompanied us).


The norm here is definitely standing (but you can kneel if you want). Usually in the hand, but some receive on the tongue. There is no pressure whatever to conform to one or the other.
Most parishes offer the chalice, but for a large Mass on a special occasion, probably only the host.

And no - we don’t wear shorts!!:eek:


Not some other countries. I believe it is most countries.


I believe that its only a minority of countries.


As far as I know in most countries communicants are required to receive on the tongue unless the countries episcopal conference has received permission to allow communion on the hand.


Standing and receiving in the hand (or on the tongue) is in Scotland, England and Germany, having lived in these countries. Also I have lived in Asia for the past 25 years, specifically in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Philippines, and through my job I have travelled to most other Asian countries in that time and been to Mass there. All Asian countries I have attended Mass receiving Communion was standing and receiving in the hand (although you have the choice of on the tongue). The USA and Latin American countries has receiving standing and in the hand (or on the tongue). Africa I’m not sure about but it is not a minority of countries in the world.


In the Holy Land, there is no indult for communion in the hand. On the tongue is the only option. Standing or kneeling are both allowed.

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