Normandt's short meditation

This is the moment, I am here, Jesus seems to say!
I’ll pass by your house and you’re free to welcome me.


We might have decided to take the fate of others in our hands and find ways to adjust their lives. Whatever comes out of this attitude, it’s a trap for the faith.

Come on in Jesus, have a cup of reheated coffee with me.

(Now which mug is the best one to give Jesus…oh right, the one with St. Joseph and Padre Pio on it)


Jesus offers us happiness with renewing our life.
Let’s respond with faith.

Let’s come down quickly from what attracts us to the heights of what alters our common sense, what clouds our vision of others, what dries our roots of faith and then rejects the fruits of which the Holy Spirit gratifies us.

Let’s dip our roots in the source. Let’s focus to seek Jesus and let’s be found by him like the air bubbles rise to the surface of the water. This is as beneficial as the renewal of the air to the lungs.

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**6. **
**Jesus is here and he waits **
**for a little glimpse from us **
**to invite us to descend **
**to the bottom of our heart **
and join us there.


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