North American martyrs oct 19 or Sept 26?

I don’t understand how there is two different feast days for this? As a convert I’m confused how there can be a Canadian calendar of Saints days and a general one? Could someone explain this to me? Why are Saint days celebrated on different days according to different countries? I thought all Latin rite Catholics would have had the same calendar

I wish all the countries did have same calendar because it makes it hard for those of us with international travel plans or interests.

The Church allows each country to set the feast days. This means that a saint might have a different day in different countries like the North American Martyrs do, or that Country A and Country B might honor different saints on the same day, each picking a saint important to their own country but maybe not as well known elsewhere. I think this stems from the practical problem of there being too many saints worldwide to get every one of them on a universal calendar.

Nothing stops you from honoring the saint you wish on any given day, in a private devotion.

There is a general kalendar that is for the universal Church to follow, and then local kalendars exist for countries and dioceses. These are not very different, and usually there are only a handful of dates that vary, contrary to the impression given by some here, that countries choose their own dates. Usually, local kalendars contain extra dates (saints from that country, etc.), rather than different dates.

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