North Austin women's clinic to close due to abortion regulations


AUSTIN – A women’s clinic in North Austin closed its doors Thursday because it can not comply with the House Bill 2 standard of an ambulatory surgical center, Whole Woman’s Health said.

House Bill 2 was passed in July 2013 and went into effect in November 2013. All abortion clinics in Texas must comply with House Bill 2’s ambulatory surgical center requirement by Sept. 1, 2014.

The Austin Whole Woman’s Health Clinic had 10 employees and two doctors. Its license officially expired at the end of last month.


Thank God.


Although I am glad to hear about these abortion mills closing, I do not believe they should all be closed. I believe this option should remain as a safe alternative for a woman (a woman’s choice for her own body). Because abortions were with us before they were a legal alternative and they will exist even after the last abortion clinic closes. That’s reality. I have a family member whose husband forced abortions on her because he didn’t want any more children and she died from a botched, illegal abortion. Of course this was many years ago.

I have heard the testimony of woman who survived having an abortion, that’s what is important, she survived. She was able to recount the horrors, and it helps with her healing of not being able to have kids now that she is a Christian and married. I wish that all woman would be educated. So if clinics close, our work is not done…we must educate woman that abortions are not the solution. Pro-Life movement must step up in this direction! I would hate to hear news of illegal abortion victims dying.


I hate to hear of women dying from LEGAL abortions and of babies being murdered for the ‘crime’ of being born alive after a attempted abortion. :shrug: :gopray: :sad_yes:
I do not mean to come across as be harsh or angry; it’s just that I have been told by some that I should have been aborted because of my mother’s age and I was not ‘perfect’ . :slight_smile:


Women are still dying or being injured to where they require a hysterectomy. Don’t believe the lies of the Abortion rights movement that this is a “Safe choice” for women. ITS NOT!

NO Christian supports Child killing for ANY reason.


Sorry, but I don’t care about anything else you wrote if you truly believe this. An abortion is not just about a woman’s choice for her own body. Her body will almost certainly survive. Her CHOICE is to kill her BABY. Her BABY is dead. She killed her baby. There is no SAFE option for the BABY.

Until we can get people to focus on the real victim of this crime against humanity, we will always have people, people with the best intentions, enabling genocide.




Part of being a practicing Catholic is to accept the teachings of the church…not our own opinions. This is a grave matter.
Please speak to your priest.
The Catholic church is Pro-Life.
I’m saddened that you would believe this.



I do not support abortions. But the fact remains that I personally know a woman that walked away from a clinic after an abortion and testifies to the horrors today. Whereas my family member died from an illegal procedure and never lived to see another day.

What I do not want to see is the Pro-Life movement stopping any of its efforts in educating woman even after the last clinic closes. Its not just about closing the clinics, its about truly stopping ALL abortions.


Indeed. A good way of stopping abortions is having the clinic closed.


I don’t know why the question marks.
You stated your position pretty clearly.
The only way to stop abortions is for women to stop thinking it’s a “solution”.
Remember the last time someone advanced a “solution”?

Even legally, it’s a pretty gruesome procedure.
Especially for the child.
Can we think about the children for once?




What are you talking about? Do you believe that the Pro-Life movement is only about protesting abortion mills?

It isn’t.

Our “Respect Life” committee takes meals to new Moms. They hold an annual Baby Shower for unwed mothers. They collect baby items, twice a year, to stock the local Pro-Life clinic. They hold training sessions to counsel pregnant women.

And of course they are there, in DC, in January. They are part of the life chain. AND they protest, through prayer, at abortion mills.

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