North Carolina Students Can Now Pray At School, Mention God In Assignments



I’m not actually sure there was a point to this law. Students already have all these rights in every public school in the country. Seems more political than anything else.


The three-page law allows students to pray either silently, out loud, alone or with others to the same extent as a student is allowed to reflect, meditate or speak on nonreligious matters.

Under the new law students will be able to organize prayer groups and/or religious clubs. Students can also express their beliefs in their homework, artwork or other written assignments.

The law also stipulates that students’ actions can’t disrupt the learning process, harass other students to participate or infringe on the rights of others.

It sounds as if this new state law is simply replicating the guidelines of the US Department of Education. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, and perhaps a bit of redundancy is a good thing. But the law isn’t anything out of the ordinary.


The right to do these things is God given. The change in law has not given anyone the right to do anything that they did not already have from God.

All the change in law does is remove the unjust punishment for exercising a God given right.



I’m not seeing anything that students can do now they weren’t permitted to do before. It seems the headline is purposefully misleading.


Good. It’s about time laws are actually written to protect students rights rather than rip them away. There is still a long road of repair, but this is a great start!


Precisely, this has been the law for decades. This is nothing but showboating.


And let’s not forget, secondary school students already have the explicit right to form student-led religious clubs; if a school lets one group form a club they have to let any group, including religious groups.

The Equal Access Act:



Or it’s preventing an eventual problem from happening. Preventive maintenance or someone will take it away. Sometimes, the law still won’t stop the destruction. All it takes is a fascist leaning judge to declare it unconstitutional.


I understand why some may think the law unnecessary but what I think it does is spell out what the people believe their rights and privileges are in government schools. Of course a judge can invalidate this law like they invalidated allowing faculty lead prayer or religious involvement. Such actions were assumed by the people to be perfectly legal since the beginning of the nation and were part of our culture. In the end it may well just be another concrete example of how the courts usurp the will of the people and oppose the Christian faith, but such examples are great for awakening Christians to the truth of the nature of our government.


Perhaps i some schools and educators didn’t need to be reminded of these rights, laws like this would not be needed. I am rarely a fan of new legislation, but at least this is taking steps to erode the squashing of guarenteed rights that has occured since around 1950.


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