North Carolina to Limit Bathroom Use by Birth Gender


North Carolina legislators, in a whirlwind special session on Wednesday, passed a wide-ranging bill barring transgender people from bathrooms and locker rooms that do not match the gender on their birth certificates.

Republicans unanimously supported the bill, while in the Senate, Democrats walked out in protest. “This is a direct affront to equality, civil rights and local autonomy,” the Senate Democratic leader, Dan Blue, said in a statement.

North Carolina’s governor, Pat McCrory, a Republican, signed the bill late Wednesday night.


my question is how will they find out?

lets say someone changes their birth certificate after getting the surgery

or what if they pass and they have not done the surgery

would they have people line up and then check?

why not just have one stall bathrooms that lock, that way it will stop all forms of possible assault(and be way better for the janitors)


Good for North Carolina!


It is sad that we need a law to enforce common sense.


Why is that same bill limiting minimum wage?

And a person born with a vagina that has a penis added later would still need to use the woman’s bathroom according to this bill.


It sounds like more problems will be created than solved by this bill. For one, a man who has transitioned physically and now identifies as female likely won’t be safe in a men’s restroom. How would most men respond to someone who appears to be female joining them in their space? From the article:

Madeleine Gause, a transgender woman who grew up in Hickory, where as a boy she was often bullied in the bathroom, told lawmakers that forcing transgender women to use the men’s room posed its own risks. “I can’t use the men’s room. I won’t go back. It is unsafe for me,” she said. “And it freaks people out when I go to the men’s room. Would you want to go to the men’s room with me?”

And why is the assumption made that men who have transitioned into females are sexual predators?


The good news is that this insanity can’t keep up forever.

Eventually something is going to snap. It might not be pretty for a while, but eventually sanity will be restored.




As worthless as the Republicans are on the national level in the southern states they are pretty good. This issue crossed party lines somewhat with some Democrats supporting the law. The South if left to its own wouldn’t have gross immorality the law of the land.

The law may well cause more problems. This is a consequence of laws to remedy craziness. But it was started by the homosexuals and their advocates passing a law in the first place.

The man you quote is making a sexist claim that men are somehow dangerous to him. If he supports the Charlotte law then he supports a law that more people feel risks their safety.


Well, I guess she’ll just have to hold it until she gets home. :shrug:


I think the concern is that sexual predators might use uncontrolled restrooms to their advantage, saying they are transgender (if caught).

“This is a direct affront to equality, civil rights and local autonomy,” the Senate Democratic leader, Dan Blue, said in a statement.

He is right on the local autonomy part. I did not know using any gender restroom we want was a civil right though. It would be far better to simply let the business or agency who owns the restroom to post their own rules.


I don’t 100% blame them(you never know when the ONE person abuses it) but if one transitions they should use the bathroom they identify as/transitioned to.

and I agree with your second point, because if all trans people are sexual predators then all concealed carriers are mass murderers.


I can’t wait until a dolled up, high heels wearing, busty, feminine transwoman follows a man into the bathroom while his wife watches in horror.:smiley:


Is it common sense though? If someone’s post op are they now supposed to go into the bathroom of their birth gender?


Yes. That is common sense. I worked in a hospital that did “sexual reassignment surgery.” You are still a male even if you look female and trust me, I’ve spoken to surgeons who explained the procedures involved. I have a male acquaintance that looks like a woman now. He is still a he.

At the hospital where I worked, a female employee had the surgery but still retained her basic female bone structure after cutting her hair and growing a mustache. In 1980, radicals were not yelling and screaming like they are now. I didn’t think about why she did it or what she did on her own time. Nobody else I worked with voiced their concerns. And just one made the same observation I did. An X-Ray would have shown female bone structure.




I think it would be wise to build more single restrooms in public places, for multiple reasons, including this issue.


Can’t agree. If you’re legally a man, you’ve got a penis, even a surgically created one, you should be going to the men’s room. And vice versa. That’s common sense. What’s on your birth certificate shouldn’t matter.


Your birth certificate is reality.



That’s where our whole world is screwed up. There should never be a post-op. There should never be an op. A person should remain their birth gender cradle to grave.

Have you seen this?


That’s not the American Academy of Pediatrics! That was a report released by an anti-gay lobbying group with an intentionally misleading name - not a medical organization. Both the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics support transitioning in cases of gender dysphoria.

The medical community regards them as a “fringe” group and their research is useless because they already have their “conclusions” before they start. You are entitled to your opinions, but this is not a credible source to back them.

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