North carolina: Woman kicked out of ladies’ bathroom by police after being mistaken for transgender

Charlotte, NC | A North Carolinian woman was brutally ejected from a ladies’ bathroom yesterday after nearby police officers were alerted by local citizens that a transgender was using a public women’s bathroom.

Linda Hovensky, a 54-year-old resident of Charlotte, was tased multiple times by police officers as she was forced outside of the ladies washroom with her pants down and in front of a large crowd.

“I was taking a **** when police officers started yelling at me and telling me to open the door but I wasn’t finished, so they kicked the door open and grabbed me with my pants down and rushed me outside” recalls the victim, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

WND is always worth checking out.
Also a bit old.

This thread should be taken down. Its misleading and confirmed a hoax

According to Snopes, the story isn’t true. I should have checked it out first before posting. It’s hard to tell real news from fake news sometimes.

I think this one is much more interesting:

Should we also post some articles from The Onion here in the World News forum to make it more interesting around here? Or maybe we should be grown-ups and obey the prohibition against bearing false witness. What do you guys think?

Hmmm. You sure about that? Maybe this one wasn’t so hard…

I think this topic is best off closed since the OP has admitted it was fake news, even though admitting this, meant depriving him of ammunition to attack his political opponents. I’d rather have this topic end on that rare but positive note.

The most positive note it could end on is if it were left up, as an example of why we need to get better at recognizing nonsense. The inability to recognize nonsense is killing us, and spreads like wildfire AND cancer on a daily basis. I think it might be a good idea to sacrifice “positivity” for the sake of growing in wisdom.

The vast, instant echo chamber that is the Internet / social media is killing rational discussion and dividing us as a people.

I said “closed” not “deleted”. I agree that ON BOTH SIDES we tend to be skeptical of news that doesn’t confirm our own worldviews, but quite credulous for any news that DOES confirm such views.

I can understand why the OP would assume this news was Real and Not Fake, based on his prior posts about LGBT issues. He sees the NC “bathroom” law as discriminatory on its face, and sees incidents like the one described in the Fake News to be an expected result of trying to enforce it.

On the other hand, I am sure some very anti-Harry Potter types on CAF still wholeheartedly believe that the “books contain real spells and names of real demons and the author is a known Wiccan” based on an article from the very same Onion that you reference. Why? Because the article (that was published in a known satirical news source) confirmed suspicions they already had about HP.

Sadly, some even state we live in a Post-Truth society and there’s no point in even trying to differentiate what’s real and what’s fake. Might as well isolate ourselves into our echo chambers, where we’re always right, no one who agrees with us, is at all corrupted or selfish or hypocritical, and everyone who disagrees is a monster.


The story was on my Facebook feed and looked believable to me. I thought it was a real news story. I’m a little embarrased that I got fooled. I even shared it to my own Facebook page. Then a friend alerted me to the fact that the story is fake and I deleted it. But I can’t delete it here. The moderator will have to do it or at least close it.

Just for future reference, don’t ever believe anything with a name like “World News Daily Report”.


Isn’t kind of paranoid to think cops would rush in and pull someone off a toilet?

Sometimes people post things before they have fully digested the article.

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