North Korea (and fire) bad?

The North Korea hype has returned. Now they have a missile that, supposedly, could hit Alaska. Their last missile failed a minute after launch. So, let’s say North Korea fires a missile at Alaska. Then what? Get in their boats and occupy Alaska? Then what?

I think it would be helpful that the media not create fear, but a sense of perspective. I am certain North Korea is aware of US global satellite capabilities. Of our highly accurate, nuclear cruise missiles that can be launched from the air, from ships and from submarines. And I really doubt China would much care one way or the other. So, is north Korea a threat? Only in the sense that it will be one more reason for the Pentagon to ask for more money. So yes, it is a threat, but only to American taxpayers.


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Well, personally I think we flubbed our chance to eradicate North Korea in December of 1950, when we had the army there to do it with. If we wouldn’t do it then (because we were afraid of “escalation”—pity we didn’t have the same fear in yet another Asian outhouse in 1964—it would have saved us 58,000 deaths), I doubt that we’ll do it now.

If they have missiles, groovy. Isn’t that what SDI is for? (It’ll have to be, because MAD won’t work with North Korea—the fallout would drift over Japan, and if you include the Lucky Dragon incident, we’ve already nuked the Japanese three times. I think their patience might get a little thin the fourth time around.)

I think most taxpayers would gladly fund North Korea’s erradication, instead of another Tea Pot Museum. That being said, I’d much prefer if the North Korean people could, y’know, fix the problem themselves.

Now, I’m not entirely sure, but isn’t Hawaii closer than Alaska? America’s island seems a better target than America’s northermost-bastion-against-all-her-frozen-foes.

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