North Korea Calls US Sanctions of Kim Jong Un for Human Rights Violations a Declaration of War


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is at it again. They have called the sanctions imposed by the US on Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un a declaration of The sanctions are due to human rights abuses by Kim. This is a serious situation. The Stalinist state takes their leader very seriously. They said they would respond with whatever it takes to get their way. This might mean an attack on the United States. They are a nuclear weapons state, so we might be on the brink of nuclear war. The current DEFCON level is 4. This means that there are no imminent nuclear threats against the United States. I will be monitoring the situation and I will provide updates in this thread.


Perhaps this means war? Prayer, hopefully, is the answer, as is hope and love (inasmuch as that is possible when people are trying to kill you).

Still skeptical on the matter… :hmmm:


I sincerely hope that there is no war. I think the US government should try to solve this diplomatically like they did during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They should revoke the sanctions if necessary. Our military should be on extra alert though.


In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and water is wet.

North Korea sees any action, statement, or sanction against them as a “Declaration of War”. They’re the yappy little dog who keeps growling but knows the second he actually bites that rottweiler, it’s over for him.


I am confident that the US and its allies would easily defeat North Korea if an actual war broke out. North Korea no longer has the Soviet Union to back them. What I am concerned about is a nuclear first strike though. This is especially concerning since I live on the West Coast.


North Korea rattles their sabre whenever they want to get some concessions. China barely supports them anymore, as far as these things go.


The official US response should be “Bring it.”


Umm … technically a state of war still exists. The region has been in a half century ceasefire/truce of sorts.


One of these days North Korea’s big brother (China) is going to say, “you’re on your own” and we’ll see a different tone.

Or… China will say, “you’re on your own” and the U.S. and South Korea will settle the North Korea hash once and for all.


Isn’t that’s why North Korea has nuclear weapons? They realize they are not under the umbrella of China or Russia (or the CCCP). Those weapons do not even bring them much prestige, and the capabilities of the delivery vehicles are in doubt.

Yeah, say “bring it” to North Korea. They want to hear that. Just do not provoke them. They have no interest in an unprovoked nuclear first strike.




Perhaps not a popular view, but I’d say there is an argument to dealing with North Korea sooner rather than later to ensure that they do not develop the means of deploying those nuclear weapons effectively.

Sat doing nothing watching a bully who is threatening you get stronger and stronger each day doesn’t seem a wise move, but I know it’s not as simple as that.


The only ones who suffer here are the civilians in North Korea. It’s another excuse by the leadership to deny them basic human rights and services. Pray for them.


The only ones who suffer here are the civilians in North Korea. It’s another excuse by the leadership to deny them basic human rights and services. Pray for them.


You would think the reasoning ability of the “adults” in NK would tell them:

“Hmm, if every other month I say that THIS is an act of war, THAT is an act of war,” after a while, the world might not take me seriously."

This is what we have now. When the real “act of war” happens in THEIR eyes, no one will take it seriously. We have been hearing about lakes of fire and unforgivable acts for years.

Yes, they have teeth. Yes they are a threat of sorts, No, they have demonstrated no ability to deliver a “miniaturized” or functional ICBM to the US mainland.

I am simply guessing that the US has intelligence, maybe courtesy of SK, that Kim jong Un maybe in serious political trouble, and POTUS decided to give him a little push. Either way, I am not going to loose any sleep over this, just yet.


Fundamental zealots aside, most dictators care very much about themselves and their immediate circle. He knows that large scale hostilities would destroy his lifestyle.


It was my understanding that the United States and South Korea have been 'at war" with the Kim crime family since the fifties.


I wonder how North Korea is viewing all the civil unrest in the United States right now. They may be thinking it is a good time to strike. I would advise everyone to be careful.


Korea seems to declare war on somebody about every two weeks . They make Venezuela look like a workers paradise


I remember reading about this pattern when Bush was President. Basically, when they really are down to no food reserves, they do something to try to get sanctions eased or convince China to help. They’ve done this when Clinton was President, when Bush was President, and while Obama is President. They will continue to do this until China stops helping them. That is when they will become really dangerous.

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