NORTH KOREA - CANADA - Pyongyang sentences Canadian Christian missionary to life in prison [AN]


Reverend Lim Hyeon-soo, 60, leads the Light Korean Presbyterian Church of Toronto. He had disappeared in January 2015, on entering North Korea. Over the past few decades he has made about a hundred visits to the country under the Kim regime, all for humanitarian purposes. Accused of plotting to overthrow the state, he will have to serve his sentence in a labor camp.



I read that there are around 50,000 Christians in labor camps in North Korea. IDK if it is accurate or not, though.

False beliefs of Presbetyrians aside, he is still our brother in Christ. There is little to no hope of bringing him to the fullness of the truth if he is in a labor camp in North Korea. We should pray that God will grant him victory and bring him to eternal life. The Devil is going to tempt him to renounce Christ, along with the rest of those being persecuted in North Korea.


Yes, but if one talks about human rights in these countries, perhaps they are talking about “homosexual propaganda to minors”. :confused::rolleyes:


Governor John Kasich is certainly correct in one vein,

Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America were set up during the Cold War to reach some of the foreign populations with limited sources of news, sometimes it was on shortwave radio.

I doubt if we have ever seized broadcasting to NK; but this is what needs to be done, broadcast to NK, broadcast to those who might consider Jihadi-ism. NK is the biggest international pariah with a so-called “valid” government.

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