North Korea claims it has hydrogen bomb; experts skeptical


(CNN)State media indicated Thursday that North Korea has added the hydrogen bomb to its arsenal, a development that, if true, would represent a major leap in its nuclear weapons capabilities.

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…At which point I think it would become our moral obligation to overthrow their crazy government…

It is a truly frightening thought to think of North Korea having access to that level of destructive power…


That bus sailed the day they produced the fission bomb.

Gee whiz, I wonder what the PRC are thinking about their client state and its lunatic ruling family?


When a Nation State gains access to the Nuclear club, good or evil, they are treated completely different.


Kim Jong Un can be counted to say something provocative and attention-getting whenever the world’s attention is focused on someone and something else - like ISIS, terrorism, San Bernadino, Paris.


it seems to always make a provocative claim around the holidays.


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