North Korea fires ballistic missile from submarine off its east coast into the Sea of Japan


North Korea fires ballistic missile from submarine off its east coast into the Sea of Japan.


How sad. :frowning:


Does anyone know the last time the IAEA took a look at north koreas nuclear capabilities? It seems everyone is so worried about Iran and them possibly getting a bomb, but we have Kim going around threatening to use his nukes that we all know they have already, and no one seems to be worried? LOL

I have a feeling people are going to be asking these kinds of questions the day after NK sends one flying and destroys an entire city, and everyone will ask why no one did anything or saw it coming, well duh!


It seems the North Koreans kicked out the IAEA in 2009, so seven years ago.

16 April 2009, IAEA Inspectors Depart DPRK. IAEA inspectors at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Yongbyon nuclear facilities, on 15 April, removed all IAEA seals and switched off surveillance cameras. They left the country the following day. Press Release »

14 April 2009, IAEA Inspectors Asked to Leave DPRK. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has informed IAEA inspectors in the Yongbyon facility that it is immediately ceasing all cooperation with the IAEA. Press Release »


Does North Korea consider Japan a target?


The leadership of NK knows a way would be bad for them personally. Unlike the more fundamentalist Iranian leaders, I get the feeling that they care about their well-being enough not to order a first strike.



There’s a lot of animosity between the Koreas and Japan.

This due to Japan invading the Korean Peninsula before.


I would not be surprised if NK ended up selling a nuke to some terrorist outfit, like ISIS, NK needs money desperately, and they have the super weapon that every terrorist group desires, seems like easy math that they would at least be approached.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have an ongoing partnership.


It’s a back and forth case really. From both Koreas’ perspective apparently, Japan hasn’t apologized enough and sincerely yet for its invasion of the peninsula and WWII atrocities. From Japan’s perspective, it has already apologized repeatedly in the past but South Korea (mainly) keeps dragging the issue. And then there’s the whole territorial dispute between Takeshima/Dokdo island, the controversy surrounding Yasukuni Shrine, comfort women, and so on.


… Again?



But they will never strike first.


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