North Korea fires submarine launched missile

A senior U.S. official said this week that North Korea should take a lesson from Iran which has agreed to roll back its nuclear program in an agreement with Western powers in return for lifting of major sanctions but the North has shown no sign of entering into such a pact.

The missile didn’t make it very far this time, but Kim Jr is determined to have a nuke that will reach the US mainland. AND THE US SENIOR OFFICIAL (why do they remain nameless?) said they should take a lesson from Iran! OH NO! NOT AGAIN! :bigyikes:


This must be more of Barry’s famous “leading from behind”. You’re an inspiration to us all, Mr. Preezy.


What will it take to reach a détente with North Korea?


I wish that North Korea would quit trying to do things that are just making tensions higher in the region and between the them and the United States.


**My suggestion is Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament and then a mutual defense treaty with Russia.
The USA’s so-called “nuclear deterrent” will not stop the N. Korean insane-ophile from attacking the USA. We need the Russians on our side with this one.

Perhaps the names: “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” have a prophetic meaning.**


NK may not have the means to land a missile here in the US, but Im wondering if maybe another nation, one that does not like the US could be helping them out, and eventually succeed at hitting a US target with a nuke? Then they could sit back and blame it on NK.

Although I dont think there would be too much talking going on if anyone landed a nuke in the US, we would be in nuclear war right away and every other country would start getting their missiles ready to go.

Maybe this is NKs goal all along…to spark WW3.


**If those nut-cases can put a missile on a submarine, they can attack any city on the US west coast. **


Good point.


I agree that it would be nice to get Russian help here. The Soviet Union made the mistake of setting up North Korea in 1948. It did not fall with most of the Communist Bloc. A now capitalist Russia can oppose the still communist North Korea. The Russian nuclear threat also goes away.




America dithers whilst a major enemy rearms to the point of being a real threat. Shades of Chamberlain’s Britain before WW2. Wake up before it is too late. Get a real leader. Sorry, just remembered your options for this Presidential election. It is too late.


Are we forgetting Nuclear China?


I don’t think Americans need to worry much about a nuclear North Korea. If it really came to a nuclear exchange, I think the US would simply wipe North Korea off the map, long before the North Koreans had gotten anywhere near the US.

The main threat is what they might do to South Korea or Japan, which are much closer. Personally, at the risk of seeming to propose nuclear proliferation, I think Trump’s suggestion that South Korea and Japan should consider nuclear arms has some sense. The US can’t be everybody’s world cop all the time. Japan in particular could develop nuclear arms very quickly.

The main problem with Trump’s suggestion is that the Chinese wouldn’t like it. They still don’t trust Japan even though World War II ended 71 years ago.

I don’t think its much use asking the Russians to talk to the North Koreans. North Korea is no longer a client state, and hasn’t been for years. The Russians have their own chestnuts in the fire, without bothering about a nation which is no real threat to them.

I sometimes think Australia should have a nuclear option. We ultimately rely on the US for protection when its all said and done, yet we have the world’s largest Moslem nation as our nearest neighbour. And there’s been a significant rise in religious fundamentalism in Indonesia lately, no doubt spurred by the economic inequality and hardship endured by many of her people.

But I can’t see that happening, so it’s merely my opinion.


Maybe we can buy their nuclear material…


It is in China’s best interest to keep North Korea in line.

If North Korea starts throwing its nuclear weight around, Japan and South Korea may feel the need to arm themselves. This also destabilizes the region which is detrimental to the economic growth of the region.

So if the choice comes down to a keeping North Korea in line or have an armed Japan and an unstable region, guess which choice will the Chinese make?


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