North Korea in 'reconciliation' call to the South


North Korea has sent an open letter to the South calling for reconciliation and an end to “hostile military acts”.

The letter, published in North Korea’s state media, comes weeks before South Korea is due to hold joint military drills with the US.

South Korea dismissed the letter as having a “hidden motive”.

Correspondents say that tensions on the Korean peninsula traditionally rise ahead of the annual drills, which Pyongyang has condemned as provocative.


There are no redeeming qualities of North Korea that are worth reconciling to.
I doubt that there has been a more vile regime in the existence of human history.


it seems the news from north korea is like a multiple personality disorder. they don’t know what they want. for so long they threaten missile strikes and then reconciliation!!??
doesn’t make sense to me. i wouldn’t take the letter seriously.


I think they’re desperate. It’s unusual to see such a pleading note when the South Koreans and the USA are moving towards military exercises. Usually they’re full of bellicose rhetoric.

However the hard liners would be a real danger now, since they’d be afraid of losing their power, and even being destroyed by their own people, if they and the rank and file of the armed forces turn against them.

I think it is the hard line generals we need to watch; not the spoilt brat who is their titular leader.


Absolutely 100 % Correct … If not the worst then it’s in the top 5 worst regimes …

The only reasonable thing that can happen is for China to step in and burn it down…

But are they capable to man up and show the world they wish to be a true member of

A free world… And have no ties with , Polite words fail to explain …


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