North Korea is suffering a complete internet outage


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (that’s “North Korea” to the common man) has just four networks that connect to the world wide web – and none of them are working today. “The situation now is they are totally offline,” Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at Dyn Research told Bloomberg. After a weekend of spotty connections, the country’s pipeline to the outside world reportedly went down this morning. “This isn’t normal for them,” Madory said. “Usually they are up solid. It is kind of out of the ordinary. This is not like anything I’ve seen before.”

The Network researcher didn’t go out of his way to suggest that North Korea’s internet service is under direct attack, but the idea has some merit. Just last week the FBI officially stated that it believed North Korea to be behind the recent hack at Sony Pictures, and US President Barack Obama promised to “respond proportionally, and in a place, time and manner that we choose.” Considering the events of the past week, it’s an easy suspicion to cling to, but it’s also very unconfirmed: White House National Security spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan stated that the White House has no new comments on North Korea today. “If in fact North Korea’s internet has gone down,” she wrote to Bloomberg, “We’d refer you to that government for comment.”

US involvement isn’t the only possibility either – North Korean’s own infrastructure could simply be buckling due to poor maintenance or, more likely, China (the country through which North Korea pipes all of its internet connections)could be disrupting service directly. As always, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of a proposed attack without direct evidence. Though if such evidence does come forward, it could mean more drama: North Korea has warned that the US will face “serious consequences” if it moves to attack North Korea in retaliation for the Sony attacks, which, of course, the People’s Republic vehemently denies involvement with.

It is most likely that NK shut it’s own network down as a defensive measure.


I am sure this is a huge inconvenience to the three people in North Korea who have internet access…


Good point. The people of North Korea are so brain washed they would support a US invasion by their country if they thought they could win.

The life of North Koreans is truly horrible and they are in great need of our prayers.


You read my mind!


Truly your dig probably has a ring of truth which makes it funny.
Also, Kim is a soft looking pudgy leader that walks with a waddle.
He also has nuclear weaponry that could cause havoc.
That part isn’t so funny


What a pity.


I just want to add that many find Kim’s appearance comical.


Does NK have the nuclear bomb? I know that Pakistan does. Iran doesn’t seem to be as bad as NK. I read that Israel may have the bomb.


What kind of nuclear weapons and missile technology does North Korea possess?

North Korea has conducted three nuclear tests since 2006. It is widely believed to be capable of at least making crude nuclear devices. North Korea has a sizable arsenal of short- and medium-range missiles, and is developing longer-range missiles.

NK might not have sophistication but are still able to cause damage. Damage from NK could be direct or indirect. Hacking Sony is positive affirmation that NK leader lacks mental stability. Was the hack fabricated by an unknown? Was it really NK?

Either way…Cyber warfare has reached a new level.


I saw a recent picture of Kim in a news article. He looked to be pushing 250 lbs and was holding a lit cigarette. He’s clearly living the high life. He could be a self-limiting problem :smiley:


I don’t see this as proven. It could have been some supporters of the NK leader, who did it without his authorization.


Perhaps Sony Corp would be willing to help them with their current issues. :smiley:



No such luck! :crutches: He was seen with a pronounced limp after being absent from the “free press” at least a month. Maybe his life style has given him a case of gout?



If Kim did initiate it then his action would reflect mental instability. There is so much speculation.

Troubling at any rate



Just a coincidence. :cool:


Fox is covering the story this morning; according to them, the PDRK has about 1,000 internet addresses for 25 million people. By contrast, the U.S. has almost 1.6 billion addresses for 320 million people.


This is fairly tame compared to capabilities.


You have to wonder if the US is behind this?


Gout is one of the rumors going around about that little so-and-so. Considering all the hardships he’s put his own people through, gout and bringing down the internet is just a good start…

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