North Korea nuclear test suspected after 'artificial' quake


North Korea is suspected of carrying out its fifth test of a nuclear bomb, after a magnitude 5.3 earthquake was detected close to its test


I read on the Drudge report yesterday that we are the closest as ever before because of North Korea and China and the South China Seas and Russia and Syria -not to mention Iran in my opinion! The leader of North Korea is like a ticking time bomb!


Yet another reason the world cannot afford for us to elect Trump!


How so? Has Trump said something recently regarding North Korea?


My gosh! :frowning:


They’ve since admitted to carrying out that test.



Clinton will surrender immediately.

Clinton will turn Japan and Taiwan over as soon as she takes the oath of office.

Actually, she does have a history of giving terrority away to the Russians/Soviets.

Actually, Japan as several anti-missile cruisers and they might have to deploy all of them, instead of just one or two.

Russia WOULD like to get Alaska back.

You know you can see Russia from Alaska … from Little Diomede island. Sarah Palin even said that. Maybe Clinton can retire to Little Diomede island. It’s very peaceful there.


These people are oblivious to the fact that if they fire a nuclear warhead to the U S
Or a Favoured Allies ,they themselves would be vaporised by the U S. Nuclear strategic Command , there are no winners if the Human Race is wiped out


I think that they think that the United States will just stand down and do nothing.

In fact, during the previous Clinton administration, it was proposed to remove the guidance circuit boards from our ICBM’s and put them into storage at some remote location.

In tests, more than 2,250 nuclear devices have already been tested. The Human Race has not ended so far. And based on experience, the end of the Human Race is not likely to happen in the near or far future.

HOWEVER, a lot of countries are not in favor of being used for nuclear target practice.

So, for example, both Japan and South Korea have gone ahead and developed AND DEPLOYED anti-missile technology.

Aviation Week & Space Technology had a lengthy article on the Japanese program, just recently.

And here is more information.

It is important to stay up to date on the latest development.

Because it is reassuring to know that such things are possible and doable.

The world is now and has always been a dangerous place.



Dear Quote Investigator: The brilliant writer George Orwell authored two of the most powerful and acclaimed political books of the last century: 1984 and Animal Farm. The saying that interests me is usually attributed to him, and there are two popular versions:

***We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

I think these words are consistent with the sentiments Orwell expressed in essays, but I have read conflicting comments about whether these words are correctly ascribed to him. Would you trace the source of these statements?


Another link.


I just have never understood the attitude that the risk of total destruction of all God’s creation is a risk worth taking just to prove a point. I would rather be wrong that see my children and grandchildren dead.


“total destruction” is an overstatement.

Surrender or continuous backpedaling is also a terrible risk.

Giving in to “salami tactics” also poses terrible risks.


The building and testing of atomic weapons is not just to “prove a point,” but to deter a foreign attack.

Because we as human beings cannot let go of the idea of national sovereignty (an anti-security blanket if ever there was one), nations will always arm against nation.

According to your header, you are in California. The issue is not whether your descendants get to live or not – ultimately nobody does, sad to say – but whether a foreign government gets to attack them with impunity.

The best defense is a good offense. At least until we get a leadership that knows how to make peace.



Really? I do not see the US nuking them, even if they managed to land one and destroy a US city, they would surely bomb the heck out of NK, but there is NO WAY they would use a nuclear bomb in retaliation, look at 9-11, a nuclear strike was never even discussed.


Nuclear weapons were not used against us on 9/11.

I doubt we would ever cross the threshold ourselves, but if our enemies cross it for us, I’ve no doubt we will give better than we got.

Once footage rolls of decontamination camps outside one of our cities, of people for hundreds of miles being forced by fallout from homes and farms, and blinded victims being led from the wreckage; I think any Administration that **didn’t **use nuclear weapons in retaliation would be impeached.

If WW3 didn’t begin on the spot.



Japan didnt use nukes at Pearl Harbor either.


The rules were different then. There was no nuclear threshold in WW2 because there were no nukes at all when it began.

At the end, there was still no nuclear threshold. We just wanted to finish the war without having to invade (which would have cost many times more human life than the bombs).



Wow. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Let me predict the future: “Tenth North Korean Nuclear Test Suspected” Sub-head: “With more Suspected”

Emotion words. A lot of people were unaware of how the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown was detected way back when. Or even what we were doing during World War II to find signs of atomic bomb development near Germany and Austria.

This is turning into more news means more of the same. The North Koreans have nothing. No, I’m not saying they don’t have nuclear weapons but time is not on their side. Our technological capabilities grow. It is now possible to shoot down a missile from a naval platform with a laser. No need to worry about a near miss.



Two very different scenarios

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