NORTH KOREA - Pyongyang and Rome: no one knows the fate of the bishops of North Korea [AN]

For the Vatican they are “missing”, but still listed as pastors of their dioceses in the Pontifical Yearbook. For the regime of the North they are “perfect strangers” and since the Eighties no official has responded to questions regarding their whereabouts.


"During the Korean War (1950-1953) Communist troops penetrated the South and hunted missionaries, foreign religious, and Korean Christians. The North Korean regime intended to destroy every Christian presence. In the north all the monasteries and churches were destroyed, monks and priests were arrested and sentenced to death."Recently in the United States I have noted some revisionist history being spouted wherein past U.S. anti-communism is viewed as a paranoid overreaction. It was not an overreaction. Communist regimes such as North Korea and Vietnam reveal the true face of communism and its hatred of Christianity.

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