North Korea Reveals Why It Captured Canadian Megachurch Pastor

After being detained since January, the pastor of one of Canada’s largest churches has allegedly confessed to a “subversive plot” to overthrow the North Korean government and to set up a new “religious state,” reports The New York Times.

Hyeon-Soo Lim, leader of 3,000-member Light Korean Presbyterian Church in suburban Toronto, spoke both at a press conference and later at a church service, according to reports by the Hermit Kingdom’s state news agency.

Sounds more like the usual nonsense from a despot state.

I wonder how much “persuasion” the poor fellow needed in order to confess…


That regime makes a point to extract ridiculous confessions from Westerners. It’s a show for the North Korean people. To the rest of the world, the North Korean regime is a laughingstock.

How dare you insult Dear Leader Kim Jong Un?!? His benevolence protects our democratic, working free peoples against the oppression of American capitalist pigs! This Canadian was spying to learn the ways Dear Leader Kim gives his people abundance of nourishment and flourishing prosperity. Canada is slave nation of capitalist dog United States, they fear crushing from most excellent Democratic Korean Peoples hockey team. Dear Leader score hat trick in one shot, Canadins fear impressive skill of Dear Leader slapshot!!!

Many pastors captured in North Korea were delivering Bibles AND Pornography to the People. Pornography is also strictly forbidden in the DPRK.

Do you have a source for that? That seems hard to believe, that a pastor would be passing out porn and Bibles.

Those are DPRK claims. But it is known that South Korea for example, likes to send it’s decadent culture movies, pornography, etc… in to the DPRK, trying to corrupt and rebel the very disciplined population they have there.

Actually, DPRK is tolerant of religion if it is not abused by the imperialists.

For example, leader Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) built Church with government money, and gave it to the Russian Orthodox Church, in 2006th. When he traveled Siberia with his train in 2002, he visited and liked Russian monasteries, and he wanted Russian Christianity to be present in Pyongyang. The Church is often visited by the Russian bishops, also Kim Jong Il, sent 4 Koreans to the Russian seminaries, 2 priests and 2 deacons were trained. There is actually Orthodox community in Pyongyang, mostly Russian diplomats, students, and small number of Koreans. Patriarch Cyril (He was metropolitan then) consecrated the Church in 2006th. The Church is still working.

I know that DPRK is very protective of any kind of religion, but there is many western propaganda there too.

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