North Korea sentences US citizen Matthew Miller to hard labour


This story is weird:

An American man has been sentenced to six years of hard labor for “hostile acts” by a North Korean court, the state-run KCNA news agency has said.

Matthew Miller was arrested in April, shortly after arriving as a tourist. The charges against him have not been specified but authorities claim he tore up his visa and demanded asylum.

The US accuses North Korea of using Mr Miller and two other detained Americans as pawns in a diplomatic game.


a sad situation but I do have to ask, what idiot would go to North Korea as a tourist?


The report is that he wanted asylum in N. Korea.


True, although that is the claim of the North Korean government.

State news agency KCNA previously reported that Miller had torn up his tourist visa during his trip and said he wanted asylum.

At Sunday’s 90-minute trial at the North Korean Supreme Court, the prosecution argued this was a ruse that Miller hoped would enable him to commit espionage against North Korea, the Associated Press reported from Pyongyang.

The court said Miller had admitted to having the “wild ambition” of experiencing prison life in order to carry out a secret investigation of North Korea’s human rights situation, AP said. The prosecution alleged that Miller had claimed, falsely, that his iPad and iPod contained secret information about the U.S. military in South Korea.

I don’t think we will know what truly motivated him until he leaves North Korea.


Well yes. North Korea has no tourist attractions, except if one wants to get a close up view of the most totalitarian remaining Communist regime. One could make amazing comparisons between the starvation of the masses compared to the opulence of the leaders. But it is precisely those sorts of things the state does not want you to see, and if you try to see them, you will be jailed for espionage.


Setting aside the claim of the PRK regime that he was asking for asylum, ^^^ is the most pertinent question to come out of this story. I mean, really!!!


And then tear up their visa or passport when they get there? Who wants asylum in north korea? I bet he wishes he could redo the last 6 months of his life!

The only americans they want in north korea are basketball players like dennis rodman.


I am wondering whether Matthew really sought asylum in North Korea or if this is just a story that North Korea has made up.


But what was his purpose for being there.

Don’t you have to be approved to fly there?
Maybe he was a spy or they thought he was.


AP says that he wanted to report first hand on what prison life was like in North Korea.


He should have a pretty good idea after 6 years!

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