North Korea threatens to attack South Korea


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea threatened Tuesday to “wipe out” South Korea’s government in a furious response a day after a Seoul official said the North “must disappear soon,” in an escalation of rhetoric between the rivals.

I hope a war doesn’t start between the two then because the United States will inevitably become involved.

That said, surely North Korea knows the consequences of attacking South Korea but I have to wonder if North Korea’s government isn’t so crazy that they’d just ignore the consequences and attack anyway.


heard it all before. nothing but sabre-rattling. kim and his mates know that if they so much as fire a single shot, the us will vaporise everything north of the 38th parallel. they’re crazy but not stupid.


I hope I am wrong, but unless the leaders of North Korea are reined in, I think this is inevitable. I feel so sad for the millions of innocents whose lives are torturous because of this regime. They are true victims who will suffer greatly from such a war along with the people of South Korea. Many others, too, especially if that maniac leading North Korea uses a nuclear weapon. I doubt he would hesitate!

From the National Council of Churches in Korea:

“O Lord! The situation of the Korean peninsula is severely affected by the powerful surrounding countries. The people suffer from mutual distrust and hostility. Those who still suffer from separated families are crying out louder and louder. Let them overcome their wounds and pains and be your instruments to achieve peace.
O Lord of resurrection! We are eager to stop the military drills which intensify the conflict and opposition between the two Koreas. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ who wants the peace and reunification of Korea. Amen”


This has been going on for more than half a century now. It is sad for the lost generations of North Korea, who are constantly told to be ready for an invasion by the US and that Seoul’s tanks overlook the DMZ, eager to move on as soon as the brave North Korean guards turn their backs for a moment.

It’s actually in the North’s advantage to maintain this detente, hostile as it is. To go to war would mean utter destruction. To talk peace would either show weakness and that their generations of rhetoric have been false, or open borders to the North leading to a near-complete exodus of the population.


I agree that it’s likely sabre rattling. But then again, I have to wonder whether or not North Korea’s government is in fact, not stupid, as you say.

All I can is that let’s hope and pray that the North Korean’s dictatorial and totalitarian regime someday comes to an end but let’s also pray for peace.


Praying for peace for all.


Nah, it just means it’s Tuesday. Porky Kim just wants attention, as did Bouffant Kim and Actually-halfway-competent-yet-still-bat-guano-insane Kim before him.

North Korea usually makes these threats when they want something. Then the world community either ignores them or they give them some token aid to shut them up. It’s the cycle of life over there.

Unless Kim Jong-un either takes complete leave of his senses, or decides he finally has nothing to lose, I doubt he’ll cross the 38th Parallel. The North Korean military is stuck in the '60s with Warsaw Pact-era hand-me-downs. Their most significant military impact would be loosing their multiple artillery tubes at Seoul (which would cause the city catastrophic damage), but that would be a Pyrrhic victory at best, because the DPRK would be decimated. Lots of lives would be lost, but in the end, the DPRK would fall. And fall hard. And he can’t be so blind as to not know it.

My concern is what happens when China finally gets fed up with the Kim dynasty in North Korea (as is quickly happening – according to a book I recently read, called The Impossible State by Victor Cha, China is getting more and more annoyed with the DPRK’s antics, and sees them as more or less an albatross around their necks except that 1] The country serves as a useful buffer zone between them and having a US-allied Korea on their doorstep, 2] A stable, if starving, North Korea means that millions of economic refugees won’t be pouring into the Manchurian provinces, and most importantly from the Chinese perspective, 3] North Korea is sitting on a treasure trove of rare earth minerals and other mineral and petrochemical wealth, that China can essentially exploit for peanuts by propping up the regime). For two decades, since the end of the Cold War, China has essentially be North Korea’s sole patron and the pillar that keeps that nation even limping along as it is. There have been hints that Beijing’s patience with their client state is rapidly nearing an end, and that they may even view points 1,2,and 3 above as being less attractive than cutting the Kim regime loose. What happens then?

I doubt that China would just let all that mineral wealth fall into the hands of an economic rival. Might they take the path of Russia and claim parts of North Korea as their own (they already own half of Mount Baekdu) or finally topple the Kims and put in a Beijing-aligned puppet regime?


I think the North Korean Government may be crazy but they are not stupid; they fully well know that to start a war–even a limited war–would have devastating consequences for them long term, particularly if the United States gets involved.

Let’s all pray that cooler heads prevail in this latest chapter.


Something that needs to be understood about communism is that it doesn’t exist and, outside monasteries and convents, never did.

What communism is, is a theoretical fig leaf used to justify the exploitation of the many by the few. It’s always about the leaders’ privilege, power and comfort, and nothing else.

And those same leaders believe in the privilege and comfort to which they have become accustomed, and for the sake of which they have committed every horrific deed a human being can commit. And they don’t believe in anything else.

They’re not going to give it up in order to go out in a blaze of glory.


Yes North Korea does that periodically.

Nothing to see here.

Back to regularly scheduled program.


The US could not afford to start in another war somewhere else, (especially if this thing in Ukraine moves to another level). BUT, the more I think about this, it kinda seems like it would be a good move by another country to get the US overwhelmed in many different places, and then stage the REAL war, Im not saying thats what going on, but this would be a smart tactic to use if you want to overthrow or invade a large nation, somebody like China would probably use such a method.


Do you realize how many American troops are based in South Korea now? If war should break out between the north and south, it isn’t a matter of the U.S. becoming involved. It already is involved. If American troops weren’t present in South Korea now, war would have broken out long ago.


I hope you’re right, but I’m not convinced. I think North Korea is an ideological State and ideology tends to make folks blind and stupid.


We would be involved even if we weren’t already there. I am certain we have treaties with South Korea pledging our military assistance. And I certainly agree with you- it is the US presence there which has held NK off for so long.


Here we go again! The leader of north korea likes to be making these threats from time to time. I just hope they are idle threats and he doesn’t act on one of his threats someday.


There is that.

Kim Il Sung had at least some exposure to the real world before he founded the DPRK and that particularly weird form of communism called Juche, although by the end he probably did drink his own kool-aid.

Kim Jong Il was born in 1941 – before the establishment of the DPRK – but was only 5 when Kim the Elder had established total control over the North. He spent the next almost 50 years in Daddy’s empire waiting to inherit the family business. And you know how weird Li’l Kim got.

Now you have Kim Jong Un. Born and raised totally within the Magic Kingdom and possibly very much divorced from reality. Imagine if Uday Hussein had managed to stick around and raise kids. Jong Un is probably way out to lunch, problem being in the DPRK there ain’t much lunch to be had.


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