North Korea threatens US with nuclear strike at 'Slightest Provocation'


**Baku-APA. The Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that the United States attempts to invade the North Korea are becoming “ever more reckless” and noted that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea switched from their current mode of the military opposition to a preemption mode in order to cope “with the absurd war hysteria of the opponent”, APA reports quoting Reuters. **

This comes from an Azerbaijani news source. It continues at the link.


Eventually the US is going to be forced to either invade NK or somehow stabilize the country, Cant have this guy spouting off all the time, threatening to use nukes on another country, at some point, it will be like the boy who cried wolf and no one will expect it when he really does push the button one day.

Seems strange that global agency that is like the nuclear watchdog is not involved in this, they surely keep an eye on Irans nuclear capabilities, they better be watching Kim too!


Nothing to worry about, we dont need to go to war with another third world country. We have been beating up third world countries for the past 50 years. Its time we learn its not worth the loss of US lives.


The only nation I know of that is continuously gripped with “absurd war hysteria” is North Korea. An unstable nation with an unstable leader like Kim Jong Un is the most likely to set off nuclear war. Even China is probably worried about them. It would be nice if they developed a manufacturing economy like South Korea instead of always being on a war footing.


I actually think that North Korea is a nation we truly do need to go war with, much as I despise saying that.

The gas chambers information that leaked out is utterly damning.


Maybe so, but in that case I would not discount their threat of immediate nuclear retaliation.

It would have been better to have defeated North Korea back in the 1950’s, but had that been attempted we would have been at war with China as well (in fact, we were.) Now, China is probably wishing they had let NK go. They don’t want to have to prop up an unstable nation that could drag them into war, but they also don’t want a U.S. ally on their border.


I agree on all points, but if the stories about Kim Jong-un are true, then he’s a war criminal who definitely shouldn’t be in power.


Why do you need to go to war with them, what have they done to America that you think you need to do this? The gas chambers are terrible, but a nuclear war or any war will kill far more people than a gas chamber ever could.

Why does the west hate North Korea? This article has some possible answers.


Those who suffer most from North Korea’s corrupt government are the North Korean people. Start with the link provided by Exiled Child above:


As an aside, a U.S. Army Catholic Chaplain who served in the Korean War and died in a North Korean POW camp ministering to fellow prisoners, has had his cause presented for sainthood to the Vatican. Several books have been written about him including this one.


This is very bad, I agree, but wouldn’t it be much worse to try to tell other countries how bad they are, and say to them, we do not like what you are doing, stop it, you must listen to us etc. Really it seems insane to think you can make life better for them that way. Did America’s idea of democracy work in Iraq? Did a war over there accomplish anything?


Father Kapaun’s story is great. In a roundabout way, he is a big part of why I am Catholic.


Thanks Jim. I had never even heard of Father Kapaun, but it sounded so interesting I just ordered that Roy Wenzl book from Amazon. Thirteen cents plus four bucks for shipping, and in excellent condition.:thumbsup: For anyone else who may be curious, there are some extremely reasonably priced used copies on Amazon:


If I were God I’d put a temporary stop to my non-intervention policy to zap this little fat psycho loser out of existence. What millions have to suffer because of this megalomaniac defies reason.


Well, but the Christian persecution is to an unbelievably horrific level. In a way you’re right though, in the sense that countries never go to war for humanitarian reasons, but only for purely economic and other ignoble reasons. :shrug:


There is a Russian Orthodox Church operating freely in North Korea. At the same time the Russian Orthodox Church is persecuted in Ukraine today.

In Ukraine, Russian Orthodox are spit on and have eggs thrown at them and their holy icons:
:22 - :24 of the video


Thanks! So nice to see the first two videos and the Christian Church in North Korea. I copied and pasted what the second video wrote below it.

After General Kim Jong Il’s visit to Russia, he admired Orthodox Church of Russia, the oldest branch of Christianity, so he decided to build Orthodox Church in Pyongyang, capital of DPRK. Russian Orthodox Church trained Korean priests and Orthodox bishop came to Pyongyang and blessed the Church, now Russian Orthodox Christian minority that lives in Pyongyang along with Korean Orthodox Christians have place of worship to God.

It’s so promising, I hope this means things are changing for the better in North Korea now.

That last video in Ukraine is so sad. Throwing eggs at a peaceful Russian Orthodox Church procession is horrible, there were young children and babies they could have hurt.


If this is true, I agree. :mad:

I would do my best to avoid war though, but one thing is absolutely for certain, such things as this cannot and must never be tolerated (it’s another Auschwitz if that report is accurate). Why are people not corroborating with China and others to put an end to this?

First thing first though, which would be verifying the sources and making sure this information is accurate, especially after the Iraq WMD gaffe.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

Thank you for reading


Careful now, don’t be fooled.

These can easily just be propaganda for the world to see and in actuality not the Catholic/Orthodox Church at all, because priests and bishops cannot be appointed by the Vatican etc because these fake churches must support everything the government wants it to and reject everything the government wants it to.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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The only reason we haven’t taken out the North Korean regime and it’s missile sites is because the Kim family has long enjoyed the tacit support of China.

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