North Korea upgrading nuclear sites


So I guess they don’t want to build condos on the beach?


Bumping the thread.


I don’t know. Did anyone here think this was going to go any other way?


I suspect that those touting his great achievement in Singapore did.


I didn’t think it would go any other way. But I was also told that Trump saluting a North Korean general was how diplomacy is done.

We gave up joint military exercises with South Korea.

And got nothing in return.


Tsk…they’re only enriching candy…


This situation with N. Korea is what happens when an amateur conducts diplomacy (with a stated personal goal of being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize). Kim was laughing in Trump’s face. It was pathetic. The summit in Singapore was train wreck - horrifying, but you couldn’t look away.

Ironically, here is Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announcing withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council because

“Too many commitments have gone unfulfilled”
Like Kim’s?

“President Trump wants to move the ball forward. From day one he has called out countries that say one thing and do another.”
Like Kim? It;s hard “to move the ball forward” if you quit the team.

‘The only thing worse than a Human Rights Council that does almost nothing to protect human rights is a Human Rights Council that covers for human rights abuses…”
Or maybe an American president that gives a brutal, murderous dictator the world stage and proceeds to praise his character is at least as bad if not worse?

“The Council’s continued and well-documented bias against Israel…”
This is the crux of it, I believe. Israel did not want the Democratic Republic of the Congo to serve a term (two years} on this Council, and now Israel is determining our level of participation. I thought we were a sovereign nation!


The big question is what will Trump do now that his big overture has embarrassingly flopped.

Will he react angrily and take major action against NK?
Will he treat the reports fake and attack the press and our intelligence agencies?
Will he just go on to the next bit of bread and circuses and forget all about NK?


I guess it depends on his mood for the day.


This issue - the suspense of “what will Trump do now” is what the Trump cultists find so attractive. They don’t care a bit if what he does is good for the country, or supports American values; they don’t care if it’s even connected in anyway to circumstances on the ground. They just live the suspense.


Please. Let’s not pretend like everything was going great with North Korea until Trump was elected, then it all went to hell in a hand basket all the sudden. Our last three presidents at least have allowed North Korea to pursue nuclear weapons. GW Bush gave in to some of their demands to keep the peace. Under Obama they actually perfected their nukes and got their missles on the right track. North Korea doesn’t give a crap what we say because they have China backing them and propping up their regime. No US President or politician since at least before Nixon has had any desire to meaningfully engage China. North Korea has been a problem since at least the 80s. It’s not suddenly a sudden creation of Trump’s.

Also, the US military conducts military exercises multiple times a year with the ROK. We embed in each other’s units and practice for a North Korean invasion all the time. Us suspending one exercise cost us nothing.


I am not pretending anything of the kind. Actually, I would be much more forgiving of his amateurish efforts if only he had not insulted and alienated our allies.

Maybe he assumes that they will be there for us the next time the United States is attacked at home or abroad… and maybe he is right. They are dear, longtime, close allies, but it is just not wise to take them for granted. The world is a dangerous place, and we need friends on which we can depend.


Have we declared our intention to resume them?
They are still very expensive.


No, but the downgrading of the risk was a sudden claim by Trump. A claim which this post refutes.

I don’t know about that. Let’s see:

  1. Reduction in readiness to deal with NK with our allies.
  2. Increase in world prestige for a despotic regime that was shunned by most of the world.
  3. Reduction in leverage over NK’s horrible human rights activities.
  4. Weakening of the world-wide unanimity toward NK by pissing off every singe one of our allies.

And all for, what? A promise to eventually reduce nuclear weapons?


Please let’s add what may be most important:

Signaling to all gross human rights abusing dictators that the path to redemption and welcome on the world stage is the development of nuclear arms.

Nice shot.

That promise was being broken as they spoke.
But don’t overlook the other area of promise: A Trump Hotel and Resort on the lovely beaches of North Korea.


Of course.

There has been significant progress and I expect there is a better than 50% chance of North Korean de-nuclearization in the medium term thanks to President Trump.


I don’t trust North Korea. But I also don’t trust the CIA or its typists at NBC.

I’ll wait for the real facts to come out before forming an opinion.


Don’t care about “chances”.

There is a huge list pf pre-conditiuons.

And other things that must be done.


I didn’t. For N. Korea theree wasn’t any obligation with a a timeline attached to it, so I didnt expect them to make any significant changes.


Only the naïve who want Trump to be awarded some “Nobel Peace Price” perhaps?

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