North Korea warns 'war could break out without notice' as Kim Jong-Un tells troops to get combat ready


Threat comes as satellite images appear to show renewed nuclear activity
South Korea says it will react ‘sternly and mercilessly’ to any provocation

What are your thoughts? :eek: or :rolleyes: ?

I don’t know what to think of it but I will still be sending up my prayers tonight.

God bless and Merry Christmas.


North Korea is a scary country.:eek:


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


In defense of North Korea.

North Korea is a “Peoples State” Socialist nation. Trying to be! Working on it despite a 60 year war.

One People. One Language. One Race. One Leader.

The USA and the rest are Capitalist/Corporate. With crazy governments - In North Korea’s view.

North Korea does not want our Capitalism, that great big Bank around the corner, Homosexual rights, and Lady Gaga.

North Korea is at war now - has been for the past 60 years. We invaded THEM! In 1953. Divided a nation. And we lost big time.

And it is shameful for the entire western leadership and news media to pick on a nation the size of Pennsylvania.

If I was President of the USA, I would lift all sanctions and reach out to them. Instead of treating them like a Boogeyman from Mars.


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was reportedly “very drunk” when he ordered the recent execution of two aides close to his uncle Jang Song-thaek.

The pair, according to a report in The Independent citing Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, questioned an order from the North Korean leader to transfer control of a business to the military. Kim was reportedly angered when they said they needed to check with “Director Jang” first before finalizing the switch. …

The two executions led South Korean government officials to believe Jang’s eventual death was “inevitable,” the newspaper reports.

At least eight people from Jang’s inner circle were killed in the power purge, including the director himself.

North Korean nukes; No worries, what possibly could go wrong? :cool:


“North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was reportedly “very drunk” when he ordered the recent execution of two aides close to his uncle Jang Song-thaek”

One can look it at two ways.

First, the CNN propaganda way, “He’s insane!”

Second, the rational and real way - He had to allow an order on a family relative for the sake of the nation and people.

A family relative threatening a work of decades…for the “Peoples State” and economy.

All I have ever seen is spin…CNN to 60 minutes.

“North Korean nukes; No worries, what possibly could go wrong”

The USA has thousands. France, England. Israel has Nuclear Weapons. Pakistan, India. China…

And Russia is quitely on the side of North Korea…:slight_smile:


I’m in the middle of reading this good book …

North Korea’s leaders often threaten war for one reason: Other countries, the US and South Korea in particular, will often reward the North Koreans if they simply promise to stop threatening war. Kim Jung Un is rattling the saber because he wants more financial aid from the US and South Korea. Other nations should not reward extortion. The world should yawn when the North Koreans make their empty threats. The last thing other countries should do is send any sort of aid to the North Koreans.


North Korea is a heated debate.

After 60 years(!) and a generation or 2, “We” have forgotten what North Korea and even the Korean nation was all together!

But, there is info online for a second look…And by using rational common sense.

60 years. For a few, that is nothing…

And the “Ruling Family” of North Korea has not forgotten.

North Korea has ideas and working systems in place that we have forgotten…


So in other words:

It’s just another day in North Korea.

YAWN. . . .


I’m guessing that just now Kim is concerned that Santa is getting more publicity than he is. So time to rattle the tired old saber.


Between 600,000 to 2.5 million people have died in NK prison camps. Hard to say for sure in such a hidden society.


Pick on them? Their government threatens to destroy the U.S. at every turn. They hate us because they don’t understand our culture and Background. Sounds pretty arrogant to me… They’re are cruel to their own people and have little sense of humility. I doubt they are worried about how we feel about them.

A nation the size of Pennsylvania they do have. What .they also have is the ability to raise a 10 million personnel army in a very short amount of time. A force much bigger than the U.S.A. So i believe there small size doesn’t matter at all.

Both sides will only come to peace through respect for each other.


Here is a little more information on that:
The execution of the uncle of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, had its roots in a firefight between forces loyal to Mr. Kim and those supporting the man who was supposed to be his regent, according to accounts that are being pieced together by South Korean and American officials. The clash was over who would profit from North Korea’s most lucrative exports: coal, clams and crabs.

North Korean military forces were deployed to retake control of one of the sources of those exports, the rich crab and clam fishing grounds that Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of the country’s untested, 30-year-old leader, had seized from the military. In the battle for control of the fishing grounds, the emaciated, poorly trained North Korean forces “were beaten — very badly — by Uncle Jang’s loyalists,” according to one official.

The rout of his forces appears to have been the final straw for Mr. Kim, who saw his 67-year-old uncle as a threat to his authority over the military and, just as important, to his own family’s dwindling sources of revenue. Eventually, at Mr. Kim’s order, the North Korean military came back with a larger force and prevailed. Soon, Mr. Jang’s two top lieutenants were executed.


I think they’re desperate, and desperate people will do desperate things.

I also think the hard line generals are in charge, not the dear leader.

They might have a limited number of nuclear weapons, but they also know full well that in a nuclear exchange, they’d be wiped off the map.

The sooner the two Koreas are unified the better.


I know some people will disagree with me, but I’m more like :rolleyes:. North Korea has threatened war many times before, but has never carried out their threats. Just a few months back, they threatened war on Kim il-Sung’s birthday, but never carried out their threats.


Thanks for posting that link, Coatimundi. I enjoyed reading that New York Times article.


“Between 600,000 to 2.5 million people have died in NK prison camps”

Due to starvation and the UN using Food as a weapon…If one believes those numbers.

This is the strategy…And craziness! Insane!

The USA/Israel forces a situation on North Korea. And North Korea must respond in turn…And the USA/Israel blames North Korea!

And what makes the whole mess worse, CNN gets involved and tells YOU that North Korea is Bad….

Pennsylvania. This is North Korea gone Socialist with Nationalized Industries and Banking… And trying to move away from that great big Bank and Tax mentality - A system so ingrained in OUR lives and living…

I am a Traditional Roman Catholic. Old School Bible reading Catholic.

Confirmed as a “Soldier of Jesus Christ” - around 1980 or so.

What “We” are doing to North Korea is Evil.

North Korea as a nation of 24 million and the size of PA…And me as a Regular Joe, I say either leave North Korea alone…

Or, reach out and say, “Hello!”

But no. North Korea is bad!! CNN and Obama said so.

North Korea has been “Bad” for the past 60 years. CBS thru CNN said so…

“US Healthcare Reform” - Healthcare is free in North Korea. “Play Money” straight off the Press…


for a moment, I thought North Korea has a really beat up old era military, but after reading a few brief articles North Korea is really, really, sneaky , and underhanded, they have a special forces of their own which is responsible for a few attacks in years past, and even with some out dated cannons n such, the stuff they do have is pointed straight at the heart of South Korea and can assault them in a very short amount of time, well before help could come. Also North Korea has built up plenty of under ground tunnel systems, and bunkers…

They may not have the tech advantage but they have enough to wreck a lot of damage on a peaceful South Korea in a moments notice…

I would imagine, if South Korea were to ever with draw their citizens first from high target areas, that would be a major warning sign of something to happen… But i would suspect North Korea to strike with out any warning they officially do not have to give any warning since they have not officially ended the war with South Korea.

The sad things to ask, is do the people of North Korea really love their leader and government, if so would it be due to constant propaganda " brain washing " / or are they too afraid to fight back, which i have a hard time believing because plenty of people have fought in worse situations and against bigger odds through out history.

What i wonder is why is the rest of the free world waiting on that mini monster to take the first punch, it isn’t like there is not good enough reason to justify a military strike by any nation against North Korea. War is never a thing to seek out, I didn’t even realize that we had a Pope who was quoted as saying " War never again " * sorry if i got that wrong * , but unfortunately sometimes war is the only recourse, everything has a purpose, Fires can destroy but also create, the knife in the hands of a murderer can do tremendous harm and the same knife in the hands of a skilled doctor can save a life.

At what point does one ask God for a strong army to come to the aid of those in need ?


North Korea sounds like a thug who, when someone doesn’t respond to their threats, will say to the intended victim “Accidents do happen!”:cool:


One of these days the N. Korean regime is going to go too far with its threats and another country, like China, or perhaps even Japan or S. Korea will make a parking lot out of N. Korea without warning to the US. Believe me, the idiots in N. Korea will never know what hit them!Even China is running short ofpatience with them- and no matter what our relationship with Japan is, if they though that N. Korea was about to attack them they would and could destroy them.
N. Korea may have an atomic bomb, but they have no way of delivering it other than conventional aircraft. And believe me, we monitor them so closely that we know what brand of and how much deoderant their pilots use!
As far as N. Korea’s rockets are concerned, they are a paper tiger. They do not have an operable long range missal and every mid-range rocket they have launched to date has failed; and as for their short-range rockets are concerned, they would set off their nukes too close to home and would end up flooding their own country with contamination.
Has anyone here ever noticed how elaborate their military brass is with all of their elaborate decorations? Well, in my experience as a former professional military man, the more elaborate the uniforms and decorations of 3rd world country military officers are, the more inefective their military prowess is.

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