North Korean Would-Be Defectors Arrested in Emergency Operation Near China Border

This seems important because these are not just your so-called “common people” who defected but apparently, government officials.

North Korean authorities arrested seven out of a group of 15 government officials from Pyongyang who were allegedly attempting to defect by crossing the border into China, RFA has learned.

Local sources told RFA’s Korean Service that North Korea security agents flew to Samjiyon Airport in an emergency operation as the 15 had split into smaller groups to evade capture.

The seven were arrested in a village near the border, while it is believed that the other eight were able to escape. Members of the group may have been carrying secret information in the form of official government documents.

It’s time to start talking to North Korea about their atrocious human rights record. We have sort of calmed them down as far as firing off missiles but nuclear talks are still rather limited.

Last week, I posted it but I saw it was an old article, so deleted it but, it’s really something when someone who survived the Nazi camps says these North Korean camps are just as bad. Or maybe even worse, research it.

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