North Koreans Walk Across Frozen River to Kill Chinese for Food

**North Koreans Walk Across Frozen River to Kill Chinese for Food **

A spate of murders by North Koreans inside China’s border is prompting some residents to abandon their homes, testing China’s ability to manage both the 880-mile (1,400-kilometer) shared frontier and its relationship with the reclusive nation.

The violence reflects a growing desperation among soldiers, including border guards, since Kim Jong Un took over as supreme leader in Pyongyang three years ago. As well as seeking food, they are entering China to steal money.

The murder of four residents of a border village last month prompted China to file a complaint with North Korea, risking tensions between the two allies in contrast to Kim’s recent overtures toward South Korea. Kim defied China in 2013 to conduct North Korea’s third nuclear test, and in the same year executed his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, who had promoted commercial ties with China.

China’s relationship with South Korea is so much more beneficial. The Chinese appear to enjoy South Korean products and foods. Pyongyang’s collapse is only a matter of time. I’m surprised Beijing doesn’t want to help rid the Korean Peninsula of Pyongyang’s evil government? Quietly and with it’s the aid Asian neighbors? To avoid the inevitable international involvement.

Yikes! I thought at first they killed the Chinese to eat them :eek:


I’m not sure the dead would know the difference?

-There are unfortunately reports of cannibalism within North Korea.
-China is the one state that N. Korea needs to actually be worried about taking action against it.

Me too… But don’t we all like Chinese food? :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes for an interesting alibi for failed defections.

“No, sir, I wasn’t defecting! No, not me! I was just gonna kill some Chinese for money and food. That’s ok, right?”

mmm, the smart money is when you are going to need the chinese,not the takeaway




One day China may wipe Korea out and have the blessing of the US to do it. The leader of NK seems desperately wicked.

Chinese-type food – yes, Chinese-as-food – no ! ! ! pppffffttttt :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

If I made it across the frozen river into China I would keep going.

Perhaps there is something in North Korea holding these guards from leaving altogether.

They do have a policy of punishing the entire family. Perhaps the guards fear their entire family will be killed if they left for China and did not return.

That is probably true.

Such a sad and horrific situation set up. Yet again the evil of communism rearing its ugly head.

Doubtful. NoKo is “Mr. Hyde” to China’s “Dr. Jekyll”. We should not assume, either, than somehow the Kims are anything but the chosen face of the entire leadership of NoKo.

Juche is not communism.

It most certainly is. It’s just a slightly different flavor of communism from the Soviet model, although with no practical difference.

“The revolutionary theory of Kimilsungism is a revolutionary theory which has provided solutions to problems arising in the revolutionary practice in a new age different from the era that gave rise to Marxism–Leninism. On the basis of Juche (idea), the leader gave a profound explanation of the theories, strategies and tactics of national liberation, class emancipation and human liberations in our era. Thus, it can be said that the revolutionary theory of **Kimilsungism is a perfect revolutionary theory of Communism **in the era of Juche.” - Kim Jong-il

It’s surprising that the military need to steal food. Dictatorships usually make sure the military and security forces are well fed before anyone else.

I wonder what the PRC’s reaction would be if North Korean’s started asking for status as economic/political refugers?

And North Korea is also totally both democratic and a republic.

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