Northeast GA therapist advice


I’m trying to help someone find a good catholic therapist or counseling. The individual is in their 50s and seriously suffering from vivid flashbacks and night terrors from a very abusive childhood.

I tried but the therapists on the site are too far away. The trips there and back would cause a great strain on the individual physically. We’re closer to South Carolina and there were no therapists listed for that state.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a good therapist or any advice on helping someone get through this kind of thing. He is open to an online or over the phone kind of group therapy as well. (I don’t know if that kind of thing exists but I thought I would throw it out there in case it did.)

Any and all responses are much appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and time.


Hi There,
I have a Catholic psychology practice in Raleigh, NC. I know this is too far (!) but we could set up video conferencing sessions using Skype or we can do telephone sessions. Give me a call at 919.342.3458 or email me at [email][/email] to discuss this further. Our website is if you would like to check us out.

God Bless,
Dr. Patti Zordich


East-West psychotherapy associates on Highway 120 near the East-West connector.

Christian-Faith based counseling regardless of denomination and VERY respectful of Catholics!



Thank you for your responses! I have no idea how to go about this kind of thing. I'll let him know. And again, thank you for your responses :)


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