Northern Ireland Soccer Mob Beats Catholic Man to Death

Detective Chief Inspector Frankie Taylor said the dead man had four children, did volunteer youth work in the town, and had been encouraging local Catholics to cooperate with Northern Ireland’s traditionally Protestant police. He described McDaid as “a man who would do anything for anybody.”,2933,521721,00.html

How horribly, horribly tragic…it just proves that drink and sport do not mix.

I will pray for this poor man’s children.

I’ll pray for the dead man, his family, and for the mob.

Billy Leonard, a former policeman and politician from the Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein, said several carloads of anti-Catholic extremists came armed with clubs “and literally attacked the first person they came across.”…

In Northern Ireland, where Catholics and Protestants attend separate school systems, sports divide rather than unite the population. Protestants back rugby, Catholics their homegrown Gaelic football and hurling.

Both sides like soccer — but rarely root for the same teams. In international competitions,

Sports deaths occur when people crush each other at the soccer games.

This was after and they were drinking heavily according to the article and their soccer team had won but chose to drive to a catholic area which is more a hate situation and create trouble…

In Boston when the Red Sox team won, the crowds had riots and did vandalism. :shrug:

When a large crowd situation occurs, it get dangerous. When the G20 conference took place in the UK, a man simply trying to get to his house near the summit from work got killed in the event.

Barcelona 1 - Manchester 0 at half time
No dead Catholics yet.

Just want to say, these “Protestants” had not the love of God anywhere close in their hearts. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic!

But I will pray. :mad:

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