Norway Becomes First Nation to Switch Off FM Radio


From the NY Times: Norway began switching off FM radio yesterday.

Is the writing on the wall for FM?


I don’t see FM going away, at least here in the US. We already have HD radio which lets us transmit digital radio stations in the along side the FM station


I expect a lot will depend on how alternative usage for the fm spectrum develops.


This may be more of an issue of a smaller nation having the ability to make a technology switch, with less impact. Having visited Norway the geography is more challenging for FM signals than most of the US.

But it’s a shame it sounds like older folks in Norway are going to be the group most negatively impacted.

There are millions of radios in houses, summer homes and boats that will no longer work, and only a quarter of the nation’s cars have DAB radio.

The same can’t be said for FM – it reportedly costs between 1,000 and 2,000 kroner ($120 - $230) for a DAB car radio adapter.

Norway has been prepping the switch for years, though, with DAB running alongside FM since 1995.

Switching to digital will also increase coverage and reduce transmission costs, as it is difficult and expensive to get FM signals into Norway’s fjords and mountainous regions.


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