Norway goes secular, removes Lutheran Church as state religion

OSLO – Norway, which is one of few developed countries to still have a state religion, passed a final hurdle Thursday to separate the Protestant Lutheran Church from the state, parliament said.

The move, which requires changes to Norway’s constitution, was approved by parliament a second time Thursday, in what was a formality after lawmakers voted through with overwhelming support on Monday, with 161 votes in favour and just three opposing votes.

Good for Norway.

I wish Britain would hurry up and disestablish itself.

Good for them!

the article says the royal family is STILL required to be Lutherans, though. Sounds like England where they require the Royal family to be Church of England because of course,the Queen is head of the “church”.

In the long ru, probably a good move for both the Church and state.


What’s the complaint? Doesn’t the head of the nation state of the Vatican have to be Catholic? :smiley:


That is different. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and of of the Vatican, which is its own country. The Pope is not married and doesn’t have a “Royal Family”

Norway, which just dropped the “State church” still requires royal family memvbers to be Lutheran. The royal family in England has the QUEEN as the Head of the Church of England, but she is NOT a Bishop or a religious official.

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