Norway's biggest bank DNB calls for the end of cash


Norway’s largest bank has called for the country to go totally cashless over fears of illegal activity.

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And here are two variants of the same story.


Well, we have a jobless economy soon so cashless is only logical.


The banksters and the state have dreamed of this day. It will leave them in complete control of the economy. It is of course terrible for the people. But they will welcome it just as they welcome the ‘rewards’ they get from credit card companies and the gift of a refund at tax season. Once money was detached from an asset this was the inevitable result. It will one day blow up but before it does the banksters and the state will live large. Actually, they’ll still live large after it does.


Organized crime will avoid this entirely. They need and want cash, and going cashless puts them and their empire at risk. They don’t care about banks per se. I think hackers are more of a concern.



I like that. I am gonna call this “The Obama Years,” :o and start to look for a brighter future:) as soon as we get a Republican President again:D. Got to love this country, we know how to pick 'em. :eek:


If we were to go cashless, the biggest losers will be many charities. My red mission box sits in plain sight and is regularly feed small change. The difference between my red box and regular direct debits is huge - I offer a prayer with each coin I drop into the box but only offer a prayer when setting up or reviewing a direct debit. The red box is a smaller monetary gift but is accompanied by prayers of thanks (that I am blessed to give) and petitions for others.


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