Norway's Lutheran church approves same-sex marriage [CC]


The Church of Norway-- the Lutheran body to which nearly three-quarters of Norwegians belong-- has approved church weddings for homosexual couples.Same-sex marriage became …



The vote by the bishops was overwhelmingly in favor 88-32 and simply seems to follow similar guidelines other Christian denominations have come to adopt in their ongoing discernment over the years and as their understanding on marriage and equality has evolved. Here in the US if I’m not mistaken, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the United Church of Christ, and PCUSA all leave it to pastors as to whether they celebrate marriages between 2 people of the same gender. I know of United Church of Christ pastors in my vicinity who celebrate marriages between 2 people regardless of gender. And the Episcopal Church, if I understand correctly, leaves it to bishops and then following diocesan approval, to the priests. And I know in the Episcopal diocese where I live, the bishop approves of marriage equality and from my knowledge many of the priests will celebrate the marriages.


It doesn’t matter what the Protestants say, the Church (and more importantly, God) has already defined marriage. Protestants bring ruin upon themselves and become even more heretical than before when they support things like this.


The longer a ship is off-course, the further from their destination they become.


If that’s one’s faith and belief then absolutely.


What would Martin Luther have to say about this?


He would make an argument based on Sola Scriptura. Sadly, the same-sex marriage advocates are also using Sola Scripture.

Sola Scriptura just doesn’t work. We can’t interpret scripture alone or by ourselves. Interpretation requires the aid of the Church. :slight_smile:


He would indeed. Just as he did with the real presence, he would make an argument from scripture, affirmed by the Church, both east and west, that the marriage of Genesis, and of Christ in Mark 10 is a marriage between a man and a woman.

Further, opponents of a scriptural marriage will tell you that we need to look more critically, and consider what Christ would say in modern society. IOW, they would disregard scripture



As far as I know, the ELCA has not approved "same gender marriage ".




“No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know what is good and what is bad.”
Genesis 3:5

That is Scripture. You just have to ignore the fact that it was the first lie. Somehow there is nothing new going on here.


Acceptance of same-sex marriage by churches is incredible. We have condemnation for homosexuality in both the OT and NT, as much condemnation as any other sin which these churches probably still recognize as evil.

In addition, Jesus gave us the model for marriage, but somehow this is overlooked as well.

I can only conclude they begin with the belief that homosexuality is good, then build a Biblical case for it, rather than letting the Bible guide their thinking. Using that reasoning, ANYTHING came be justified. Literally ANYTHING you can possibly imagine.


It surely matters to the Protestants!



Is it time for Russia to invade Norway?


I conclude that they begin with the belief that the natural fruit of sex is not the creation of children, but instead only a bond between two people. Instead of the two complementing each other (sex = bond of two people + fruitfulness of having children), there is only the bond of two people. Since they conclude that fruitfulness is not necessary in marriage (thanks to the ability of people of the opposite sex having the option to not have children by means of contraception), the progression moves to other forms of bonding without the fruit of children which is homosexual ‘marriage’.


No, but maybe a poke in the butt by a Crusader of some sort :knight2:


More fruits of the Reformation


No and nor does Russia have the slightest interest in doing so.


Putin might, but I’m sure the Russian Orthodox Church wouldn’t approve.



The Russian Orthodox Church may approve because they can spread their faith to Norway.


Not going to happen Joseph, I suggest you learn something about Orthodoxy before trying to project these kind of views onto it.

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