Norway's Lutheran Church embraces same-sex marriage


Norway’s Lutheran Church voted on Monday in favor of new ceremonial language that will allow its pastors to conduct same-sex marriages, bringing it into line with several other mainstream Protestant denominations abroad.

Last April the annual conference of the Church - to which nearly three quarters of Norwegians said in 2015 they belonged - backed the principle of same-sex marriages, but did not agree on a wording…

Monday’s decision involved modifying the marriage text to make it gender-neutral, removing the words “bride” and “groom”. The new liturgy will come into effect on Wednesday.


I’m not surprised. What can you do but pray for them. :signofcross:


Praying for others is probably not a bad idea for people of all faiths to do. I do seem to remember something in the book of James about praying for one another. :shrug:


How unfortunate. :frowning:


No surprise there.


Now I realize even more how blessed I am to be Catholic.


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