Nosey question about special tableware


Those of you that have fine china or special dinnerware do you use it ONLY on special occasions or do you use it on a regular basis? The same with the silverware.

Watching an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and this came up and made me curious.

We don’t have any fine china, special dinnerware or special silverware. We use Corning ware dishes (same pattern for years) every day and mixed matched utensils every day.


I can’t stand eating off the same dishes every day. We have numerous sets of dinner plates, and several “full” sets. However, none of them are fine china. Some are from Goodwill. I inherited a set of good silver I use only for special occasions and holidays. I also have a service of purposely mismatched silver my husband bought me as a gift one Christmas because he knew I liked it. I use those when I feel like it. I like a pretty table, and like to get creative.

"Life is too long to eat off of ugly plates." -Irishmom


We had inherited different sets of family China. Gave it to relatives and only have my mom’s set. It isn’t fine China, but we use it everyday. Silver, yes, it’s buried in the basement. Probably should give that away too.


Mtatum, just dig it out and use it. Silver is meant to be used. If you use it daily, you will have to polish it way less often. Too many people keep it in a drawer. What is everyone saving it for? Use it! :slightly_smiling_face:


We have a set that my parents were given as a wedding present and we only use them on holidays. I’m so clumsy, I’m afraid to use them any more than that!


Yes we only live ONCE use the good dishes and the good silverware. In the OLD days brides registered those fine china settings that were very expensive for just 1 place setting. If they do get enough place settings they put them up in a china cabinet to look at and don’t ever use them. SO what if one breaks it’s dishes it’s not the end of the world. USE THE GOOD DISHES AND THE GOOD SILVERWARE!


We have a nice set of English Bone China we use for holidays and when having guests over. We used to have a nice set of silverware we got as a wedding gift, but alas it is no more.


I have Fiestaware in a variety of colors that I use daily. I have fine china, Portmeirion, Botanic Garden, that I only use on special occasions, and special Christmas china that I use during the Christmas season. I have everyday silver and good sterling silver.

Frankly, I don’t care if I eat off a paper plate. I often do. Or a throwaway plastic container. But when guests come, it’s good china, good silver, good glassware, candles, flowers, and haute cuisine, which I rarely eat since it’s not too healthy.


I dropped a few pieces of mine down the disposal when it was on! Noisy! Luckily, I could replace them.


My mother had some nice china. I confined myself to Corelle and spatterware because in a house with a lot of pets, you minimize breakables.

The cats and me eat most of our meals out of plastic Lean Cuisine containers these days.


This is our pattern—Old Town Blue. If I break something I just get a replacement.



We don’t have any fine china or special silverware, but we do have Christmas dishes. There is no way I would have wanted to get special dishes to use one month out of the year. But then we found a full set of dishes on clearance at Kohls in March one year for $15. So now we have Christmas dishes. And it is kind of fun to use them. :slight_smile:


We have a Christmas set of Pfaltzcraft, we use it all of advent!


That was a GREAT buy!


We have an antique set of china and silverware that we bought at an antique store in the midwest at a great price. We only break them out for special occasions. The plates are really small.

We have Fiesta ware for everyday use, both the old and modern stuff. It makes a nice display, especially when we’re have a fiesta.


Isn’t Fiesta ware pretty heavy?


It is. The modern ware is a lot bigger than the old stuff as well.


Using it is how I keep my arms in great shape! :slight_smile:


We had fine dinnerware when we first got married but as the family grew, people (read me) would grab the nice stuff because everything else was dirty. Pieces eventually broke until we had something like 14 pieces out of a 42 piece, 8 place setting. It was never worth it to replace them. Now if we have a dinner and want matched pieces it’s chinnet. :wink:

We actually do have a silver 8 place setting that my wife’s great gandmother left her. We never use it because we never have that small of a group even if it’s just adults. It gets polished every couple years when one of us pulls the case out and then feel guilty that it’s tarnished.


"Using it is how I keep my arms in great shape! "

Well I have a possible rotator cuff tear that I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon for next week so I’d only be able to hold them with one hand.

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