Nostalgia and T-Roy


I am feeling a bit nostalgic, I always seem to be this time of year. At the gym today one of the songs on my playlist was ‘My Town’ by Montgomery Gentry. I wasn’t a super fan of theirs but I like their county/southern rock style, especially compared to most other popular music in the country genre today. They had a lot of really good songs.

This got me thinking it has been a year since T-Roy died. Anyway, RIP Troy. Say a prayer for him.


I have always liked this song. I live in a small place like this song.


Also “That’s something to be proud of.” Another good song of theirs.


Just imagine the lines about ‘Church of Christ’ means the Catholic Church. :grin:

‘What Do You Think About That’ and ‘Hillbilly Shoes’ are some other good ones. They have a bit of the outlaw country attitude.


Yes, It doesn’t change the song for me that they say Church of Christ. :slight_smile:


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