not a Catholic yet


In need of confession and forgiviness-is this possible?


Confession to a Catholic priest? Have you been baptised in a way the Church recognises? Have you started RCIA? Have you been instructed about the sacrament of Confession?

If so then it may be possible.

In the meantime make an Act of Perfect Contrition (you can read up about it here). This is what all Catholics do (or should do) if they can’t quickly get to confession.

And certainly talk to a priest about your sins, and receive advice if not formal absolution.


Of course you can always confess to God and I believe that He forgives all sincere apologies as long as you are truly sorry. You should talk to a priest about confession of your sin. I think that you have to be Catholic to go to confession but maybe not. After you become Catholic you can of course go to confession. The important thing is that you are sorry for your sin and you make peace with God.


see a priest for your answer.

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