Not again: Video shows woman throwing puppies into a river

The “cat-bin lady” must be breathing a sigh of relief about now, because a recently leaked video makes her look like Dr. Doolittle in comparison.

The culprit this time is a young woman who gleefully tosses yelping puppies from a bucket into a river. The content of the video is so disturbing that the girl or woman is now being sought out by users of the popular Internet forum 4Chan, who previously outed the cat-bin lady. Some sleuthing helped uncover the location: the Vrbas River in Bugojno, Bosnia. Bosnian police are now hot on the puppy tosser’s trail, and PETA has offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who can uncover her identity. Isn’t it nice to know Osama bin Laden can release several videos over a decade and remain hidden, while someone who practices her pitching with puppies – horrible though it may be – sparks a worldwide manhunt in less than a day?

If it is hoax, why would anyone create it? But if it isn’t a hoax, why would
A. Anyone do it?
B. Anyone film it?
C. Anyone post the video online?

Perhaps equally disturbing is the creation of a world-wide lynch mob, fueled by social media sites and forums, which has collectively tracked down a suspect and is now calling for physical harm to be done to her? What if the wrong person is identified and is attacked, even killed?

Had she done this to her unborn children…

**She would be applauded & heralded as a hero of the “Right to choose!”

Where have all the honest people gone?

Throwing puppies in a river is despicable!

Murdering innocent babies is far worse, yet legal & championed by the elite & privileged “Brights”, the Intellectual Harvard/Ivy League educated crowd in our society!!!**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


In an attempt to steer the conversation back to the original topic:
I think the same reasons people would film it as a hoax is similar to the same reason people would do it in reality.

A) To explore the frailty of life in a seemingly consequence free environment.
B) For similar reasons that the person committing the act does it, to see what happens. Not to mention being behind the camera acts as a sort of absolution as if you’re not participating in it but only watching it.
C) For the attention it garners, half the world is in an uproar over this, imagine how heady that must feel to a teenager?

Personally I both hope and think its fake, there’s plenty of sites online that do digital fakes of stuff just like this. Its possible some well meaning people got hold of it and assumed its genuine.

Oh come on! 50 years ago absolutely anyone who had some puppies or kittens that he didn’t want would either throw them in a river or dong them with a shovel. Or if he didn’t have the stomach for it he would ask somebody else to do it. And abortion was almost universally acknowledged as a despicable crime. Now western society’s moral senses have turned completely upside down. What was perfectly acceptable has become despicable and vice versa.

Excellent post, sir!:thumbsup:

I think what this girl did was very cruel, but it perturbs me when people cringe at this, but if it was a bucket of worms being thrown into the river they would not care. So the heinousness of the crime seems to depend on the cuteness of the animal being drowned. I’m sure many of the same people that mourned these puppies’ deaths would not cringe at human embryos being thrown into a river, which is a despicable shame.

Is torchering animals just another lifestyle choice? A post that supports throwing puppies into a river is an excelent post? It is a moronic post. You should have respect for life in general.

I agree with the OP completely. The whole reason why I came to this thread was because the fist post seemed to have a lot of sense with its criticism of the whole situation.

You can’t put worms on the same level as a puppies. If you are going to put worms on the same level then why not put bacteria and virus’ on the same level? There is a vast difference biologically between a dog and a worm.

I agree with the second half of the post though. Most of those who are outraged about this and are hunting down the woman probably support abortion.

I watched that “Cat bin lady” video, and if that is what passes for cruelty and horror nowadays, I am now even more confused as to why abortion is considered fine. Throwing puppies into a river is definitely worse, but still…and if the people who frequent 4chan want her hunted down for THAT…I definitely no longer harbor any delusions about the sanity of our society.

The cuter an animal is, the more horrified the pagans get when it is abused. If it is big, or just pretty, it’s the same story. For more information, read Romans 1 or watch this video:

You should have respect for other posters and not call them “moronic”. What makes you think the woman was “torchering” [sic] the puppies? Newborn puppies would die almost instantly and painlessly in a river. What do you suggest people should do with puppies that nobody wants? (and please don’t reply "she should have spayed her female dog, it’s too late for that) They have to be killed somehow and that’s as good a way as any. Or would you rather she dumped them in the bush where they would either die a slow painful death from hunger, exposure, disease or being eaten alive, or grow up to breed feral dogs which devastate the natural faunal environment and prey on lambs, calves etc?

Yes Christians must have respect for all living things and indeed respect for all non-living things in God’s creation. But we are not Buddhists. We don’t think that animals have rights and we don’t pretend that they are human.

Yes but morally speaking there is no difference between killing a dog and killing a worm.


I’m not so sure about that. Certainly the two creatures are vastly different in levels of reason, and likely consciousness of self. I think that difference is important, and is why we instinctively give no thought to killing a worm, but more thought to killing animals with more intelligence.

Sorry that is incorrect. Neither a dog nor a worm has a rational soul and neither of them has the gift of reason. Killing a less intelligent animal is morally equivalent to killing a more intelligent animal. We should approach killing a worm and killing a dog in exactly the same way - i.e. it should only be done when necessary (not just killing for the fun of killing or with no thought) and should be done in the most humane way which is reasonably possible under the circumstances. I would no more torture a worm than I would torture a dog.

Obviously because he knew it would get a lot of hysterical attention. Even, sad to say, among Catholics here.

and But if it isn’t a hoax, why would
A. Anyone do it?

She had some puppies she didn’t want and this was as good a way as any to dispose of them.

B. Anyone film it?

Ever since making videos became cheap and easy millions of people have filmed anything and everything no matter how trivial or distatsteful.

C. Anyone post the video online?

Because he knew it would get a lot of hysterical attention. Quite a few people seem to like the vicarious “fame” they get from making something that a lot of people are getting hysterical about.

Perhaps equally disturbing is the creation of a world-wide lynch mob, fueled by social media sites and forums, which has collectively tracked down a suspect and is now calling for physical harm to be done to her? What if the wrong person is identified and is attacked, even killed?

It would be equally horrible if they attacked the “right” person, who has apparently done nothing wrong.

Yes, the soul of an animal is very unlike that of a human or angelic soul. But lacking in reason? That seems quite a stretch, since many animals show a capacity for learning from experience and for making choices. What do you mean when you say animals do not have “the gift of reason?” I’m thinking you may be basing your claim on a philosophical system.

I agree what if killing an animal we should minimize its suffering. But if you have ever baited a fishhook with a worm, you have tortured it. And yet this happens millions of times every day, around the world. Are you saying that baiting a fishhook is morally equivalent to torturing a dog or a chimpanzee to death?

Please do not presume to know what is in the hearts and minds of others. I mourn these puppies’ death, I am appalled, as I would also be if it was embryos or babies instead of puppies.

The supposed link between abortion and caring for animals has been brought up time and time again on this forum and it is getting old. Why do we assume the worst in people? I admit I do that myself sometimes but it does nothing to make me a better Christian.
When I first heard about this woman, my initial reaction in my thoughts was not a very charitable or moral one. However I still think anyone who does something like this needs help so that she does not turn around one day and do something similar to a child.

Very good point. Thank you for this thread, Dale_M

This over-concern for animals just makes me sick. They are beasts. They are not human. They do not have souls.
Yes, animal cruelty is wrong & should be punished but the public outcry over incidents like this just shows how screwed up our society is.

One of our local DAs (Rensselaer Co. I think) started a special animal-cruelty unit because, she said, they got more outraged calls from the public over animal cases than they did about drive-by shootings or even child-abuse cases.
Go figure.

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