Not again!!!


Sorry moderaters and people, but .I had to do this again. To my shame, I forgot some of the most important saints in Church history. Please forgive me for bombing you with these threads, but I just found some new saints that I must expose so other Catholics might come to know them and venerate them.


Is there more to this? Like who? I hope you’re sleeping better after your run-in with Alexander.


Yikes the Poll did show up!!!:o
Let me add it.


I tried to avoid posting it, but the post came up. I guess Jesus wanted me to post it anyway.


++ Jesus Christ is not a Saint :slight_smile: - He’s far too important to be one of them :slight_smile:

I vote “other”


Jesus Christ is not a saint, correct. But, without him there is not “saint” at all. I did not put him there to be recongnized as equal among them, but to show that he is the one who inspired them all.


If he is not a Saint, then this is not a fair choice. Excluding Jesus as being a saint, I chose St. Faustina.


No St. Louis DeMontfort?


Forget it, everybody vote for anyone, but Jesus, in this case.
You can of course choose more than One person.


I forgot him, and I just read about him yesterday.


Well, then you need to rephrase your sentence! How about " Who is the person who has inspired you the most" or something like that anyway. I cannot vote for Jesus either because He is not a saint!


I changed it to the best of my ability.


lol. I just realized how many times you changed it!




I didn’t vote for Jesus because I thought it was a trick question since He’s not a saint. I’d have voted for the Blessed Mother if I’d seen her up there.


Jesus, even though He’s God, not really a Saint.

St. John Vianney- because of his great love for the priesthood and for the Eucharist- things we all need to imitate.

St. John of the Cross- because of his experience of the divine and being able to explain it to the rest of us.


Saints that inspire me the most (in no particular order and excluding Jesus, Mary and Joseph who are always at the top):

  1. St. Louis De Montfort - for his spirituality of True Devotion to Mary.
  2. St. Therese of Lisieux - for being a big sister to me and for being the first Saint to communicate to my heart the love of God. She is also a model for suffering.
  3. St. Faustina - for her pure love of God and for being the bearer of the message of Divine Mercy. She is also a model of suffering.
  4. St. Padre Pio - for inspiring methods of spiritual warfare through devotion to the Sacred Heart.
  5. St. Terese of Avila - for the frank spiritual advice found in her writings, and for her humor!
  6. Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - for her “praise of glory” spirituality and for the great wisdom found in her essays. She is a model of suffering.
  7. Blessed Dina Belanger - for the way she practiced True Devotion to Mary. She is a model of suffering.
  8. Archbishop Luis M. Martinez - though not yet canonized, I found the way he practiced True Devotion to Mary to be quite extraordinary.
  9. St. Paul - for showing me that even the greatest sinners can become great saints. This gives someone like me great hope for forgivness. He’s also a model of suffering, writing such letters of love to his flock from prison.
  10. St. Peter - for showing me that people who mess up from time to time can be great leaders and great saints. This also gives me hope, for I try to lead and mess up often! LOL!
  11. St. Michael the Archangel - though not a human saint, I love him for protecting me.
  12. My guardian Angel, named "the Dude, " for loving and protecting me, for saving my life, sparing me from dying in a terrible car accident.

Gosh … I know I’m missing someone. I just love our Saintly family SO much!


Me too! Me too!:slight_smile:


None of the above; however Christ is not a saint; a God.


I guess you made a typo. Christ is God and not a God.

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