Not allowed to attend a Protestant service


I have had friends ask me if I had ever even attended a Protestant service, to which I answered “no, I refuse to go to one.” I always get comments like “you’re so close minded” or “you’re such a bigot”

Is it wrong to attend a Protestant service? I guess I always assumed it was kinda sinful to attend one, but I am not really sure. I still have no interest in attending one, but I was just curious if it was wrong to attend one, as this would be a much easier answer to give.


No its not a sin to attend a protestant service, but it does not replace your Sunday Mass obligation.



I liked somebodies signature that said something about having such an open mind that their brain fell out! If you think it would be wrong for you to go then you probably shouldn’t go. I was brought up a protestant (although I objected to being called that since I wasn’t aware of protesting against anything) and have no qualms about visiting other churches but I choose to go to the Catholic Church for its fullness and richness. I do meet with friends from non-catholic churches for prayer and worship and that is lovely but doesn’t take the place of Mass.


You can attend a protestant service providing you are not putting your faith at risk, you fulfill your Sunday obligation , you do not do anything like recieve communion there that would imply you think it equal to the Catholic church.


t’s not wrong to attend if you have some reason or need to.


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