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If it does turn out that Biden wins, and he tries, or succeeds in codifying Roe vs Wade into law; do you think he will face excommunication?

Note: I do not wish this on him or anyone, nor do I mean to criticize the Bishops for not acting on it before. I merely find it puzzling, at the least, at how far a person can publicly go to subvert the Church and Her teachings, especially with everything he has pledged to do to persecute the Church in the future, and escape temporal consequence.


But I don’t think that will happen. Not unless the Dems pick up seats in both branches of congress in the mid terms. We’re looking at at least two years of gridlock more than likely.

Biden will govern through executive order for near term.

I doubt very much he will be “codifying Roe v. Wade into law”. I also doubt he will be excommunicated.

Biden is likely to focus on things like the COVID epidemic and the economy. Abortion rights aren’t likely to be a top priority for him. On top of that, he may have to deal with a Republican majority in the Senate, in which case he’ll have a hard time getting any laws through.

I realize there are a lot of Catholics who focus on abortion all day every day, but for most politicians it is just one issue out of many. For a President, the domestic economy and foreign policy are much more important.

Furthermore, Biden if elected is likely to realize that half the country didn’t want him as President and probably doesn’t like him very much, so he’s not going to start right out doing hot button things.

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Thank goodness we have a Senate wall. I’m pretty open-minded but it is appearing more and more like a fraudulent election.

I’m sure, they would codify abortion law if they could.

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Fraudulent or not Biden’s the next president. No ones going to do anything to prevent it.

I’m not so sure about this. You have Courts, you have Judges appointed by Trump, they can issue injunctions and the election is put on hold. Then, nobody can be sworn in as President. We learned this in 2000.

Not. :roll_eyes:

I guess we’re going to have to spend the next four years echoing Trump supporters’ words right back at them – “He won. Get over it.”


Won’t have to tell me. I’m not on this particular wagon. I have no problem believing more Americans in more states (by slim margins however) wanted Biden over trump.

I’m actually surprised Biden’s victory wasn’t bigger. I really expected if Trump lost it would be a big loss and if he won it would be by a hair.

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We are in unchartered waters, if there was massive fraud in the Midwest mainly, anything can happen and unfortunately, riots may be in the street.

Did someone say the Democrats care about the people?

Really, many immigrant businesses were burnt down in Minneapolis.

Biggest victim of abortion by far are minorities.

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They have had ample chance to codify abortion law. There’s some really good reasons why the Feds don’t want to codify abortion law. One being that if they actually created a law giving a right to an abortion, then the federal government would have to spend money paying for abortions. A right with no expenditure behind it isn’t much of a right. The vast majority of legislators don’t want to do that, first of all because a significant portion of the taxpayers are vehemently opposed to abortion, and another significant portion aren’t against abortion but don’t want to pay for other people’s abortions, or think that paying for abortions will encourage irresponsible people to use abortion as birth control. And there are lots of other more popular things to spend tax dollars on.


He might, though it would depend on what is done and what role is taken. It is too hard to speculate over something that has not happened, but could happen a doze different ways.

On the other hand, when you say “codify into law,” that would be something only Congress can do.

Be careful about that or he’ll be launching a comeback in 4 years.

Could be Grover Cleveland part II.

Or he may find another country to ruin.

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Wouldn’t that be a treat

He could go to the Middle East and broker more peace deals, but he’ll probably just hang out in the USA, play golf, and have the occasional rally for his fans for as long as they continue to show up.

What senate wall. Tillis could still lose, Purdue will face a runoff as will Loeffler. Sullivan will
Probably win, but that senate wall will need 2 more to make 51.
If a state has a large city, don’t count on winning a close race. They always find votes.

I forgot to mention that John James lost in Michigan. Not sure if that’s due to systemic racism or not.

Well, he’d certainly be better at that than John Kerry. Maybe Joe should make him and Jared is Middle East peace team. :thinking:

I’d pick China or Iran, but Hunter, Jim and Joe might not like that.

I wish there was an actual possibility of this happening :slight_smile:

Me, too. Seriously. I said that only partly tongue-in-cheek.

Actually the Democrats were the ones who refused to acknowledge the election in 2016. Then they tried to impeach him with a weak case.

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