Not another thread about companies that support abortion...

So after looking up one of those lists (not updated however) of companies that support planned parenthood or other related pro-choice groups, I've come to discover that the phone company my family is under, the bank I use, the makers of my PS3 (Sony), etc are apparently supporters (in one way or another) of abortion related groups.

I know that if one were to boycott or simply avoid using any goods or services provided by groups that support abortion, or heck, even gay marriage or things like that, one would have to live in the wilderness.

However, does this mean that I would have to check every company if they have such illicit ties before I ever purchase anything?

-Does this mean I can never go grocery shopping without worrying that I may be supporting some pro-abortion group?
-Does this mean I can never buy anything from Sony, Time Warner, etc.? (not that I do often any way)
-If I were to purchase anime, would I have to check if the Japanese companies made donations to abortion groups?

I don't want to bombard this first post with anymore questions (can't say the same for future ones) but I think I am having a mental break down trying to take all of this in. Can anyone provide me with some insight please?

The nature of a corporation-saturated economy is such that we’re stuck in a giant evil web (which I think is why folks like the Amish practice the lifestyle they do). Everything we touch is tainted in some way by somebody’s sin (abortion or otherwise—think of the slavery involved with chocolate production, as another example), so you’d have to go out to the Sahara to get away from it entirely, but how would you grow your own food out there? Get your own water? So you see, if you take that thinking to its logical conclusion, you’d have to commit suicide—which is obviously wrong.

We’re called to be in the world, but not of it: to me that means you avoid “immediate” sin, but you’re not responsible for what’s beyond your immediate power (iow, don’t get an abortion yourself [or endorse your wife doing it], or practice slavery yourself—to tie it in to the 2 examples mentioned). Recall Romans 8: the whole creation groans under the bondage of the futility it was subject to as a result of The Fall. You are groaning, too, as you realize how pervasive sin is. But the groaning won’t cease till He returns and restores everything to its proper order.

Hope that helps a bit.

It's interesting that you brought up the Amish. I've often wondered why they decided that the horse and buggy wasn't sinful, but automobiles were. Horse and buggy is a human invention...why not go by foot, with no implement what-so-ever?

The Amish also wear a particular style of clothing. Why did they stick with that clothing? Why don't they were the type of clothing worn by Jesus back in the day?

My point is that at some point, a man ( or a woman...doubtful) had to decide that some modern human inventions were sinful, but others were Ok?

It's hard for me to articulate the dilemma I clearly see.

I think we have to do what we can, where we can, with the options we have. Say if there is an alternative business option that supports pro-life to the ones that are abortion supporters, we should make the conscious decision to support that pro-life business. We should dicern as much as we can, maybe try to buy more local products from a mom and pop type store than using a franchise that is listed on that list. There are little steps we can make, I don’t think we should just throw in the towel because it does seem so overwhelming. But if we can send a message with our dollars, even if it seems trivial, we should try to do so. Every small step does have a ripple effect in my book.

The problem with trying to boycott companies that support abortion in some such way you'll end up living in the middle of no where sucking water out of cacti and eating roaches.

Not to mention, you guys think you've got a tough time trying to prevent your money supporting abortion? Abortions and birth control are fully funded health services down here. My tax payers dollars assist women to kill their children. There is no way I can avoid that. There is no "please mr. treasurer can my taxes not go to abortion" exemption. And taxes are paid automatically by your employer so you can't try to get out of it illegally. Even our GST can end up funding abortions, so even purchasing a bible can result in abortion funding.

So, I simply try and offset the damage done by my taxes by giving donatiosn to pro-life groups. Also, voting for pro-life politicans might help in the long run.

PatriceA and Vera Dicere,
I definnitely agree with what you two said. However, I know that I am never going to be able know what group or company supports what (since that info always changes and I work with outdated information anyway...). Every time I purchase anything or watch anything I'll probably wonder if some group was involved in some sort of illicit practice or what not. I suppose I can't change those things. I also can't change banks or phone companies on a whim (I don't even do my own finances, my parents do considering I still live with them currently).

I suppose I'll try my best...I pray to God he'll show me some way.

The Bishops just received a letter in May of about 50 charitable organizations that they are donating Catholic dollars to that were also supporting issues that were violating our Faith. Until its fixed, donate to your own Parish or other Catholic Charities. We need assurances that our charitable dollars are not being used against us.
Did you know that they gave money to ACORN prior to learning of ACORNS misdeeds.
This all must stop. We need accountability.
It will happen with each of us alerting our Bishops to inappropriate donations.

Big money from George Soros, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet all donate to abortion groups.

Now here is some good news -
Ave Maria Mutual funds is a group of long term investors who only support funds with Catholic values. I don’t know the details, but those with probably $10,000? or more to invest should check it out.

We can start by compiling lists of current businesses who we can support, and current businesses who we do not want to support. This does not need to be only a Catholic effort. There area many other Christians and Jews who do not support abortion, gay marriage, etc. If the polls are anywhere near accurate more than 55% of all Americans do not support abortion and gay marriage.

Sorry if thread-resing is not allowed here, but I’ve had this exact problem for some time and I wonder: what about things like video games? Obviously microsoft (and therefore pc and xbox) is well-known to be pro-abortion. sony’s american branch does not support planned parenthood, but its japanese one might:

Video games are non-essential, so should I just avoid these?

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