Not attending Thanksgiving with newly defined 'family'; what do you think?

I am not going over my brother’s house for Thanksgiving as his wife’s brother is “married” and he and his partner will be there. Everyone seems to accept this ‘marriage’ except me and I refuse to ‘bless’ or compromise my faith. I have called judgmental and unloving because I won’t ‘go along to get along’. Their children refer to their natural Uncle’s partner as “Uncle Peter”. Not only do they accept a redefinition of marriage, they are also redefining what Family is. There favorite show is “Madern Family” and they are not practicing Catholics but more C&E, cafeteria variety. I can’t engage them in a conversation as they just shout platitudes at me or ignore me and call me a bigot. It really pains me that this has caused a serious rift in my family. Two years ago I did back off and went to their Thanksgiving and everyone thought that I ‘finally came around’ but this year with the treats to Religious Libery and the embolment of the LBGT community, I had to take a stand and make a statement to my family at the risk of causing family conflict which I pray I won’t lose. It pains me so but I have to remain faithful to Jesus. I feel compelled to defend our Faith. I’d appreciate your advise and comments. Thank-You! God Bless

Dear friend,

This dynamic is being played out in many Catholic families. One day you will be exonerated. The truth always lasts; the lie doesn’t.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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