Not baptized but want to be


My husband and I were raised in Protestant churches. After going to a Catholic church for several months and doing lots of reading and praying, we felt strongly that we should join the Catholic Church. We missed this year’s RCIA because we wanted to talk to my parents about our decision and make sure that, even if they disagreed with us, that we had their support.

Anyway, although I grew up in church, was a church member, and confessed my belief in Jesus and intent to follow him in front of our congregation, I was never baptized because our church looked at baptism as “optional,” or for those who strongly felt they wanted to (without ever really giving any reason why one would feel like that). Now that we have thoroughly investigated the Catholic church, I certainly see the necessity for everyone to be baptized.

We have spoke to our deacon and will join RCIA next year and be baptized next Easter. However, if something happens in the mean time (get killed in a car wreck, struck by a bolt of lightening or something), what will happen since I am not baptized?



If something happens in the meantime, God knows your heart. He knows that you would be baptized if you were able to, but that you are being obedient and waiting. Trust in His Mercy.

Will pray for you! :gopray2:




The Church teaches about something called baptism of desire. Here’s a short section from the Catechism:

1259 For catechumens who die before their Baptism, their explicit desire to receive it, together with repentance for their sins, and charity, assures them the salvation that they were not able to receive through the sacrament.

Blessings as you begin your journey toward baptism.



God’s grace to you in your RCIA experience and journey!!! Relish this time of learning and discernment. It’s a graced-filled time in it’s own right… :slight_smile:


That’s everyone - that really helps a lot! We are truly enjoying our journey to the church and have been helped by so many amazing people along our way. Thank you for your responses to my nagging “what if” question :slight_smile:


Yes, the Church has always taught that catechumens, those studying the Faith, are saved by virtue of Baptism of Desire.


Well, you already have the baptism of desire, and that counts!


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